Sunday on the Run

Sunday on the Run

To know me, is to know that I don't understand how to be casual.  Raised by a mother who refused to wear athleisure even when she was a single mother of three children, and surely would have benefited from the comfortable goodness of a pair of Adidas three stripe trackies, my idea of casual extends as far as wearing jeans with ballet flats.  I once wore boots with a two inch heel to help a friend move house and was legitimately confused when her mother asked why on earth I was wearing heels, because in my mind, those were my "weekend boots". 

I knew I would be driving for several hours, brunching, playing with a gorgeous puppy named Max, shopping and generally running about like a lunatic.  With that in mind, I did think I probably needed to tone down my outfit a bit - tidy, but not outrageous.  I desperately wanted to give my beautiful new jacket from Wilson Trollope an outing, which is how I feel every time I buy something I love, so when I read the weather report and was expecting a warm and sunny day, I decided it was time. 

Annabelle has styled this jacket in beautiful, ladylike combinations in her look book for this season, which is how I'll wear this on a sunny day drinking gins on a grassy lawn.  For this outing though, I wore it in my version of "weekend appropriate" with an Adidas tshirt and a pink pleather skirt.  

Can we talk about how it wasn't sunny (come on Metservice!) but this garden made it up to me by being a riot of Spring*.  Don't these flowers remind you of badminton shuttlecocks? 

*Also, a very small part of me questions whether I might have misread the weather report out of some kind of optimistic delusion, driven by my strong desire to wear this jacket.  Real possibility. 

This jacket wasn't cheap (quite rightly, as it was both designed and made in NZ), so I want to get a lot of wear out of it this Spring and Summer.  The great news is that it was comfy and easy to wear, even for hours of driving.  The linen sleeves mean it's not suitable for freezing or super windy weather, but it was perfect when the sun (eventually) came out and I had a one person, judgement-free ice cream feast at Waitarere Beach.  I can already imagine this paired with various dresses and skirts in my wardrobe over the summer months. 

In a strong and excellent move, I spilled coffee all down myself later in the day. Cue a massive panic.  However, I'm pleased to report that disaster was averted with the application of stain remover and a quick cold, careful machine wash.  I wouldn't recommend ignoring the care instructions on an item you spent a fair amount of money on, but in this case, I couldn't sit with the terrible stain on the white denim overnight.  I chanced it, I succeeded (phew). 

This Adidas tshirt has quickly become a key player in my wardrobe.  I spotted it in Topshop in Sydney a few months ago and grabbed it because (a) nostalgia reasons, and (b) it includes lots of colours that you might not usually see together, such as red, green, pale blue and a lilac-y pink.  That makes it so easy to wear with a variety of things in my wardrobe, and it worked well here with the pale pink, creamy white and pale blue.  I am thinking about wearing it backwards in future, under a jacket, to get another version of the print without the interruption of the Adidas logo. 

These shoes went through four weeks of intense wear in California last year, and after a quick wash they've come through the other side with just the right amount of grubbiness for a casual weekend situation.  All in all, this outfit got it done for a day of running about and proves that you can be casual and comfy on a Sunday after a party, while still wearing something stylish and a bit interesting. 

Jacket: Wilson Trollope, here; Skirt: Zara in Tokyo about six months ago, current option here; Tshirt: Topshop but available here; Shoes: get a pair here