Dressed up

Dressed up

Once upon a time, my life was such that I could reliably dress up several times a year.  Black tie events, weddings, christenings, birthday parties...it was all go.  But now I'm in the post-30th, pre-40th blah zone, where my non-religious friends with their liberal concepts about marriage have really let the side down vis a vis dressing up.  Sometimes you just want a reason to wear something Maximum Glam, yet my friends still refuse to spend stupid amounts of money on celebrating their love.  Ugh.

This is particularly painful when you are the proud owner of this babe of a dress, from Keepsake.  However, my friend Fiona had my back and planned a cocktail party for her 30th. 

The navy blue and the heavy fabric gave me a real "Future Governor General at a black tie event" vibe.  Since that's the future that I am trying to actualise, this pleased me greatly. 

The brooch is from Kate Sylvester, from the recent Muse collection, and represents the best $50 I've ever spent on jewellery.  I pin it to just about everything, and it gives an instant shot of style.  I particularly loved wearing it with my super cheap, oversized camel coat from Asos during the Winter, where it totally lent that bobbly, mannish coat a bit of retro glamour.  A+ purchase. 

The shoes are some of my faves too, from Ted Baker.  If you want a compliment, wear a pair of very high, very fuchsia, suede heels.  I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these were for an entire evening, where I sat down very little.  This is what you get for your money. 

You might think that bright fuchsia shoes wouldn't get much play, but in fact these are constantly worn, so much so that I think I need to get a little metal plate added under the toe at the front to lengthen their lives so I can wear them forever.  I also love the D'Orsay style of the shoe, with the inside of the shoe removed to show the arch of the foot.  These are a well-constructed and well-balanced version of the style, so they are not difficult to wear, but beware - cheap versions will leave you with a wobble and possibly very stretched and sore arches. 

My makeup skills can probably be described as "well-meaning" and my skin is going through a really thrilling phase of being totally shite, so I was EXTREMELY pleased with how this look came out.  Shout out to the beautiful eye shadow from Bare Minerals that my workmates bought me as a gift last year, and to the false eyelashes I applied with surprising dexterity (the key is to not be in a rush.  They can tell when you're stressed and will be all kinds of annoying).  

Otherwise, I just fell back on a few old faithfuls - my beloved bronzer from Estee Lauder, my favourite Rouge Coco lipstick from Chanel in Mademoiselle, and a light dusting of the Hourglass ambient lighting palette under my foundation (yes, under).  I shan't be quitting the day job, but I scrubbed up pretty well for a night on the town.  

Can't wait for the next party! 

Dress: Keepsake, no longer available but other babe options available here; Brooch: Kate Sylvester, also no longer available (I'm sorry!) but I'm buying this trio;  Shoes: Ted Baker, (don't kill me) no longer available, but I'm feeling this option.