Inspired by: In the Pink

Inspired by: In the Pink

I’ve said before that inspiration can come from unusual places, and in this case, the magazine of New Zealand’s national airline (pictured below) is that place.  As I sat on my evening flight last Friday, feeling very tired after an early start and a long day, this combination of colours – the soft pink of dawn, the bright orange of Dave’s beak, and the suggestion of a deeper, stronger pink around the edges – appealed to me, and so I grabbed that complimentary magazine and shoved it in my bag next to my laptop for later reference. 

Cue yesterday, when I had (another) early start and in addition to a day in the office, a Christmas party in the evening.  I was in a bit of dressing up deadlock, and in that moment Dave the Goose came to mind (it was a strange morning to be honest). So I grabbed the magazine from my desk and looked at it again, to understand what I liked. 

It’s about two things – complimentary colours and contrast. Dave’s beak really stands out against the background of pale pink (and white), while those dawn colours, and the suggestion of the deeper bit of the spectrum, mesh together pleasingly.  By Jove – it was a whole look, all in one picture of a bird flying on a plane instead of using his wings. 

And so, I tore my wardrobe apart to make this outfit.  This top is intended to be worn untucked, tied loosely in the front, and the shawl effect bit is, in fact, a hood.  With a Christmas party in mind, I wanted to be a bit of a Fancy Lady, so I pulled my favourite trick and wrapped it around my body instead, fastened the front with a pin for modesty purposes…and spent the entire day fiddling with it.  A strong 6/10 attempt at fanciness.  The skirt, in vivid pink silk, was perfect party attire, and then it was obvious that I needed to channel Dave’s beak and bust out a pair of orangey-red shoes. 

While I definitely would have thought to wear these shoes with this skirt, it was Dave who influenced this top getting in the mix.  And, of course, as soon as I wore this outfit I started to see this palette in other places, including in the flowers I bought for my desk, the artwork I was choosing to pin to Pinterest, and the photos I was liking on Instagram.  

Despite a love of clothes and accessories that could perhaps be described as hard core, I don’t consider myself to be a girly-girl, and I don’t have much of an interest in pink, in part because when my hair is long it forms ringlets, and there’s a real risk I’ll end up looking like an overgrown, and rather worn out, Victorian toddler. So this outfit wasn’t really a natural move for me, and yet, I enjoyed it, I felt appropriately fancy and it’s all because of Dave, a fictional goose. 

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