Friday in some favourites (old and new)

Friday in some favourites (old and new)

I’ve been what I would describe as “hella busy” over the past few weeks (as evidenced by the low turn out of blog posts, soz about me).  However, it takes more than a 70 hour work week to dim my over-thinking about fashion. So, welcome back!  Let’s dissect what I’ve got on, shall we?

Here you see me wearing a tshirt and jeans – the most basic of all basic outfits.  So basic, it’s what you wear to paint a fence in, or to run to the shops for late night ice cream.  It’s thoughtless, it’s breezy.  Obviously, I have a lot to say about it. 

Item the First – these jeans.  My true love, the best thing I ever spent slightly more than a hundred bucks on.  These are Levis 721 High Rise Skinnies and they have made me their committed life partner.  If, like me, you have struggled for years with jeans that were too big in the waist and gaped horribly, then friend I have an exciting update for you – these do not gape.  They are high-waisted, you see, (but not too high-waisted like the jeans I once bought from Neuw, which were more like high-rib caged), so they get narrower in the waist band.  FINALLY.  Also, the black denim/high waist combo makes me feel like a bad ass for some reason.  I feel like I should get a motorbike, but I’m really afraid that I’ll die.

Then the tshirt.  Oh, this tshirt.  It’s pink, it’s slightly v-neck, it’s made out of some mystery fabric that feels like the kiss of angels and never stretches out of shape, and it was reasonably priced.   It’s perfect for my summer wardrobe needs and it is getting a thrashing at the moment.  It’s from a brand called Bodycode, and if you’re in the market for some good quality, plain tshirts then make your way to Farmers and snap one of these up. 

Now, at this point, I’m basically dressed.  I could put on any pair of shoes and I would have achieved Societally Mandated Coverage.  But I wanted an outfit, something that felt like I had already nailed my day and that set the tone of Me vs Everything, with Me as the clear winner.  And so, I outfitted myself.

I went, firstly, to shoes.  Nothing says “girl, you got this” like the most unnecessary shoe I’ve ever purchased – a pair of velvet, open toe shoes with an ankle tie.  That bow says “YES IT IS DECEMBER, look at me, I am a parcel of joy”, the open toe says “warmth” and yet the velvet says “winter”.  They’re confusing, but glorious, and I bought them because they reminded me of the green of mallard ducks.  I think we can all agree, I make sound retail decisions at 3pm on a quiet Sunday afternoon when I’m seriously bored. 

I then stood back and stared at myself critically.  This pink tshirt and these mallard-y shoes are both, separately, a great time.  But together they were kind of a miss – it was fine, but it didn’t have harmony.  Something needed to tie them together, and give me the Striding About power aspect of this outfit.  I stared at my jackets.  I considered my trusty Cotton On jacket, but it was too much black.  I stared at my necklaces, to see if I could then make the Cotton On jacket work.  I realised I’d just prolonged my existing issue.  I stared at my jackets again.  And finally, finally, at 8am on a Friday morning, I realised this Recycle Boutique/Zara number was my everything, because it has so many colours in it. 

(I truly recommend buying jackets, skirts, shoes – whatever – that have patterns with multiple colours in them.  I’ve touched on it before when talking about my love of my Adidas tshirt – with multiple colours in play you have so many more combinations to build on.  Chuck a few basics in the wardrobe, like a favourite pair of jeans and a selection of tshirts in block colours, and you’ll get a good run out of your patterns.)

And so, you see me, by the sea, dressed for adventure.  

Many thank yous to Lucy Revill for snapping these pictures of me.

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