Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

The beauty of Christmas in New Zealand is that the sun’s out, so the long drive north for the festive season is also the long drive north into the heat.  I considered doing a post on packing, but all I do is find all the things I haven’t been able to wear in Wellington just yet, and shove them into as few bags as possible (this year, just two!).  That one sentence didn’t really seem like it could stretch to an entire blog post.

Holidays at home also mean copious hours of reading, tonnes of food (on the drive home I told my brother that if Mum hadn’t made this shortbread she’d being going into a home in 2017 – safe for another year, Mum, safe for another year), and plenty of drinks involving bubbles.  More recently, as Cambridge has evolved into quite the groovy wee place, it’s also meant doing some damage to the ol’ bank account via some retail therapy.  What those things have in common, style-wise, is that it’s all about keeping it simple and forgiving.  

This is the first day of breezy shift dresses and comfortable sandals, and it certainly won’t be the last.  The key tip is to pick dresses in cool fabrics, like this linen option, and avoid the brightly coloured polyester options at all costs.  They might well look breezy on the hanger, but you’ll be sweaty and blergh in no time.  I bought this particular dress from Moah on Cuba Street aaages ago, and it was almost perfect for a day that featured corn fritter waffles at Paddock, much shopping in Cambridge’s town centre, three walks into town (I am disorganised on holiday, apparently), watching a Christmas movie and some lounging about in the sunshine with one of my Christmas books.  


This dress is a bit brief on me – if I stand still, all good, if I lift my hands from the shoulder then the entire dress lifts and the risk of flashing my bum becomes a near-certainty. There was a challenging moment when I wanted to see the size on a top hanging on a high rail – having first tried to edge into a corner, I then had to wait for the other customers to become disinterested and wander out of the room.  All so that I could establish that they didn’t have the top in my size.  It is, therefore, an impractical option for any kind of activity other than total sloth, where my hands lift only from the elbow, in order to get cheese or some beverage to my mouth.   

I do think, however, that it might come back into its own in winter, with high denier tights, a black turtleneck and a pair of boots.  This might be one of those dresses that lives a more effective life out of its obvious season – with the sleeves removed, so it’s more of a pinafore, I can see this becoming an incredibly useful item.

What appeals about it for this time of year is how well it matches my pink Le Specs (I mean, coordinating your sunglasses to your dress is just standard issue, yes?).  These little sunnies were a cheap and cheerful option from Once It, and I’m yet to have destroyed the lenses with scratching – is it just me who has the weird habit of putting their sunglasses on the table lens-down?  Complete strangers have been known to gently chide me and turn them over.  I think in my mind I’m protecting the lens by turning them away from possible scratchy things – like meteors? What do I think is going to happen here?  

I hope you’re all enjoying some cheer, whether you’re in a sundress or a snuggly onesie, and that you’re having the kind of festive break you want, should that be with family or on a one-person holiday.  Have a happy holiday! 

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