It seemed like the perfect place to start a new creative endeavour was the most personal space of all – the bedroom – with some of the most basic yet comfortable clothes in my wardrobe.

Fashion is not about the individual items.  It’s really about what you think of them, and how they make you feel.  Choosing how you dress is a highly personal act and yet the result is, for most of us, completely public.

Style is in some ways also the easiest way to control the perception others may have of you.  You tell a story, and that story can change from day to day with your mood or your ever-changing sense of yourself. 

This story, of a simple white tshirt and a pair of black pants, is a classic story.  A pair of fuchsia heels and a multifaceted glass necklace makes that classic tale modern.  It’s easy to imagine that I’ll still engage in the classic part of this tale in 20 years from now, but that I’ll change the way I modernise it to suit myself and the world I find myself in at that time.  And that’s fashion to me – a story, ever-changing.