Madison Rose

Madison Rose

Several years ago now I lived in the beautiful suburb of Kelburn, surrounded by native bush, with birds and flowers and general deliciousness everywhere I looked.  Walking home, I would smell the gorgeous perfume of the flowers that grew by the road, spilling over fences and peeking out through gates.  So it was fitting that it was in Kelburn that I discovered one of my favourite places to shop – Madison Rose.

Deb started Madison Rose about six years ago.  She explains – “I was driving through Kelburn and I saw the building going up.  I rang the real estate agent immediately and he told me he’d just put the sign up ten minutes ago – I said, well, can you come back please because I’d like to have a look through!”

In a calculated gamble, Deb signed the lease immediately and with two months before the building would be complete and she could move in, started advertising for stock to sell on consignment.  She was pleasantly surprised by how enthusiastic women were about the idea of selling their pre-loved designer clothes on consignment, and soon had plenty of fabulous, high quality things to match with new owners.

“I love giving people the opportunity to own something unique and beautifully made, for a fraction of the cost” she explains.  She remembers the time, early in her working life, when a major chain store held a big sale and four women came to work on the Monday in the same outfit – “no thank you” she says – “I knew then that I’d rather have something different and buying pre-loved means you really don’t have to spend much more than you would in the high street”.  She agrees that part of the beauty of buying pre-loved means you don’t have to be trend led, and relates the story of a customer who, through being able to experiment with clothes she’d have once found challenging, has developed a new confidence in her style and now dresses with energy and flair. 

With a keen interest in style, and with training from a stylist under her belt, Deb is an excellent adviser in how to take the seemingly disparate items that have been given into her care and turn them into a chic, beautiful look, and her ethos and philosophy of getting dressed aligns perfectly with that of Mode & Methodology.  She delights in clothing, in the way it can project who you are, and the mood-enhancing properties of just the right outfit at the right time.  

The store in Kelburn remains the permanent home of Madison Rose, but during the WOW season this year Deb saw an opportunity to bring the store into the city, and opened a pop up shop on Willis Street.  In true Deb style, the shop is set up with gorgeous flowers, accessories and carefully selected homewares to set off the desirable clothes hanging from the racks.  Everywhere I looked, I saw something lovely – and I do love to look at beautiful clothes in a beautiful, comfortable space!  

The only problem I have with Madison Rose is exercising self control once I’m in there – it’s fair to say that when I saw the pop up shop was opening within a block of my apartment, I felt both elation and fear!  This visit resulted in a few acquisitions, including a gorge pair of Calvin Klein shoes, as well as a dark red velvet jacket that will work perfectly through the pastels and florals of spring. Deb has a loyal customer base of both sellers and buyers, and telIs me I’m not the only woman who has stood in her fitting rooms silently rueing their decision to just “pop in for a quick look” as the pile of things to buy quickly outstripped the pile of things to leave behind. 

Despite that, I can safely say I’ll be popping in to the pop shop again before it closes on 16 October, to catch up with Deb (and see what new treasures there are to appreciate). 

In addition, Deb’s taking Madison Rose on the the Prefab Market Day Sale on Saturday 24 September.  For those who haven’t experienced the pure joy of Market Day in their lives yet, I encourage you to head along and check it out (and say hi to Deb!). It’s a mecca of incredible clothes and accessories, gathered under one roof.  Even if you’re not in the mood to buy, it’s a hive of inspiration with colours, textures, fabrics and sights, sounds and smells (from the incredible Prefab pastries next door!) to get the spirit going in the face of our seemingly endless cold weather.

The Madison Rose pop up shop is based on Willis Street, just up from Bello, until 16 October.  You can also find Madison Rose at Kelburn Village or on Facebook, here.

The Prefab Market Day will run from 10am to 3pm on 24 September, at 14 Jessie Street.