Humans, I think, are obsessed with change.  We seek it out, relentlessly, or we fear it.  We embody change as we grow, age and, eventually, die.  We force change on those around us, on ourselves.  It is everywhere we look, and at this time of year, as we shed the dark days of winter and embrace the fresh green life of spring, it is naturally on our minds more than usual.

I think, though, that the turn is more beautiful than the change.  It’s the beat before the change occurs, when you can feel the inexorable tug of the tide of life moving around you. It flows through you, and it is the magical moment where you can choose how the change will affect you.  It gives you an opportunity to decide whether you will you go with that tide, or resist change, trying to remain as you have always been.

The turn happens in the moments before you notice first haze of green on a hill.  It’s reading your favourite book and, for the first time ever, putting it down halfway through.  It’s the light in your window at breakfast time, at an angle you don’t quite remember.  

Fashion is built for change.  It’s an industry built on identity and, for some, on consumption, things which feed and feed on change.  It’s new seasons, new trends, new faces and names on shiny pages and glowing screens.

I think so many women are challenged by the change aspect of fashion.  It creates a strange and endless sense of catching, keeping, up.  If that drive for change is not explained, it's no wonder some women can't, or won't, move with the tide and redefine themselves.  Why move with the changes if you can ignore the turn entirely?

Style is the turn made physical.  Clothes allow you to decide who you are, today, tomorrow.  They allow you to be the hand poised above the wheel of your life, albeit only in some small way, determining which way the turn will go.  You can’t influence the change in your life entirely in how you dress, of course, but you can put on your armour, your lover’s coat, your softest t shirt or your highest heels and you can rest your hand lightly on the wheel of your life, even briefly.

To dress with a view of who you are today and what you will achieve empowers you.  It's also, conversely, why some women dress from the time of their greatest triumph, forever.  For me - some days I want a different face to turn towards the change that's coming - to move back and forth between the different roles I have in life.  

In this time, with the turn of seasons around us, consider: what change is coming for you, and who would you like to be when you embrace it?