Making Statement Pants Work (18 months later)

Making Statement Pants Work (18 months later)

Confession time: I bought these pants on 1 July 2015, and this blog post officially records the first time I had ever worn them – 18 months later.  This is what happens when you impulse buy a pair of floral, flared trousers without thinking about where, when, or how you will wear them. 

There are plenty of stylists and professional organisers who will be clutching their pearls at the idea that I held onto a pair of unworn trousers for over a year – aren’t you supposed to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past [insert arbitrary time period here]? – but I haven’t reached the point in my life yet where I don’t have room for a pair of fabulous pants in my closet.  I don’t have time or space for trousers that I feel yuck in, or which are worn out, or which I think are ugly, but these pants, in my heart, were keepers.


They’re made of a very lightweight fabric, so I needed the weather to be somewhat warm.  They’re also very long, so it had to be a day where I could wear platform sandals, aka a day where I didn’t have to walk much. They’re surprisingly wearable in other respects – they can be extraordinarily dressy (I could definitely wear these to a party and make them look incredible), and with a crisp white shirt and a great statement necklace I can see another outfit in them altogether.  On this occasion, however, I went for the simple and unassuming tshirt, to give myself a chance to test out the pants and see whether they were comfortable and practical(ish).  How practical can floral flares be.  Fair question. 

I’m a big fan of statement trousers.  There’s a very sparkly teal pair and a gold sequinned pair in my wardrobe right now, and you guys have seen the tangelo numbers in a previous post.  I don’t think enough people wear ridiculous pants, but everyone is wearing patterned skirts and blouses and dresses and, in winter, even tights and coats and scarves. Why not pants? Let’s make very patterned pants a thing!

Flares are a fun choice too, even in a less fantastical pattern.  They’re very leg-lengthening, especially as worn here with super high shoes, and they have a certain costume element to them – get on board that 70s band wagon? In your friendly neutral colours, flares currently look very chic with a silk blouse or a slinky knit.  Flared jeans are a great option for weekends in the city with sandals and an old, crappy graphic tee, which you definitely should have thrown away before now, but you just can’t find the perfect one. 

So, in short, these pants are my new favourite thing.  Bring on the next warm day so I can try out my awesome plan to match these up to a crisp white shirt.   Also - did you know you can subscribe to this blog? That's right - enter them details in the box below and you'll get one handy email a week, with all the links to the posts!

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