All in One

Mode & Methodology is en vacances this week, and I’m travelling round the North Island of New Zealand and eating altogether too much food.  I actually bought cereal at the supermarket today because I can’t face another breakfast involving bacon – that’s serious over-eating, right there.  Today I made my way to New Plymouth for an afternoon in the sunshine, and in true Wellingtonian fashion I got SUPER excited for a temperature over 15 degrees.  Time for a playsuit in the sun!


This particular number is insanity, I know.  It’s a jungle print cotton, with shorts that are…generously…proportioned and a button up front.  I wear it with a belt, since it’s a little roomy for me, and hiffed on some red slides for a walk out to Te Rewa Rewa Bridge.  Say what you like, it’s extremely comfy (especially after all the eating) and a fun departure from sundresses or denim shorts.  Did the woman at the checkout at Countdown look at me with obvious consternation? Yes, yes she did.  But to her I say: *raspberry sound*.  If you can’t wear a onesie on holiday, when can you?


This particular playsuit is second hand/vintage, so apologies about that.  Just a few things to keep in mind if you are keen to track down a playsuit all of your own:

  1. Length is important.  Because the crotch is built into the same piece of fabric as the shoulder seams, you need enough length to be comfortable and to avoid a vicious wedgie (sorry for that mental image).  A lower crotch, as in these particular shorts, can be workable, but your shorts need to be generally voluminous to get away with it.
  2. Don’t wear playsuits if you are going to be using the toilet a lot, or in a strange place.  There’s nothing comfortable about stripping down to your bra in a Port-A-Loo, and it’s a faff to undo buttons et cetera.  However, playsuits are a useful packing option for the same reason dresses are – they’re a complete outfit by themselves!
  3. I think that playsuits are one of those things that come in a spectrum of options.  There are party options, which are generally tighter and lower cut, there are casual options, which might be a in a fun summer print, and then there are work options.  Just kidding! If you have a job anything like mine, a playsuit is not an office option. 
  4. It’s called a playsuit.  If you’re not having fun in it, you’re not doing it right.  Make sure you do air splits like the pic above, every time someone compliments your dress.  Choose something with aggressively beaked parrots on it, smile down a stranger in Countdown.  Bend over with impunity – you cannot flash your butt in a playsuit.  Channel your inner six year old and have a great time on a slide.

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