Some options for spending your Christmas money

Some options for spending your Christmas money

Every Christmas I get a wee "donation", which I view as "not real money" and immediately deposit into the Frivolous Things account for carefully considered spending on fripperies.  Since my Christmas money won't stretch to all the pretty things I see online (and, more to the point, since I definitely Do Not Need all the pretty things), I thought I'd round up a selection of the bits and pieces I'd seen on my recent internet travels.  Did you get a wee bit of cash from Santa this year?  Let me know what you're thinking of spending it on in the comments - learning about new makers and creators is a great Christmas present to me!

Pretty in Pink

Kowtow - Ruby - Karen Walker (TM)

I went with pink for my Christmas Day dress, and despite being played out to the max by millennials, it still does a great job of enhancing a tan and giving your skin a glow.  I have a very similar Kowtow dress to this one, in black, and I can tell you right now it's effing fabulous.  I've visited this pink velvet blazer at Ruby more than is strictly appropriate, and if I can think of three ways to wear it that don't include jeans, I will be snagging it in the new year.  Lastly, this pretty dress is perfect for making a ladylike statement.  Gorgeous on date night with high heels, or for a day in the office taking names and making decisions. 

Do the Blues

Aida Maeby (see mine here) - Maison Scotch at Goodness - Elk (TM)

I already have this Virginia dress in the lighter blue colour, and it is a firm fave.  The sleeve detail!  If you're considering a new summer dress, this is a great one.   Thanks to a couple of cooler summer days, I think my wardrobe is lacking in the cardigan department, and this Maison Scotch cardigan is on sale (win) and cute AF (WIN).  Finally, I already own two navy blue jumpsuits or I'd be jumping on this denim number from Elk.  It's perfectly trans-seasonal: with a black roll neck and some ankle boots, you could easily rock this for months. 

Pale and Interesting

Wilson Trollope - Gorman (TM) - Karen Walker

Three options in a lighter shade for those who like to deflect the heat.  I have this WT top in a slightly different fabric, but identical cut, from a previous season and it is a true winner - the back is a V neck!  The Les Parisiennes collection has been disappearing faster than I can keep up so don't dilly-dally.  I already missed out on a beautiful shirt *crying emoji*.  If you're off to the seaside, you could definitely do a lot worse for a cover up than this Gorman dress, with a whimsical elephant print.  Chuck on a pair of brightly coloured sandals and you are good to go.  2017 has been a year of denim experimentation for me, and these ultra bleached jobs from Karen Walker are super cool.  Only available in a size 6 now, I'd wear these with a 70s inspired platform and a cropped top for a hot day in the city. 

Make a Statement

Vintage Couture (TM) - Vintage 1960s suit (TM) - Trelise Cooper (TM)

When you're spending Christmas money, it's a great time to go out on a limb and buy something that might be slightly outside your usual comfort zone!  This gorgeous silk dupion shirt in green silk is incredible and a great colour for summer.  Dupion is heavier, so this might be an option for an evening, worn with linen trousers or denim cut offs (depending on your preference!) to have drinks at your mate's bach.  You don't have to be a slob just because you're at the beach.  Alternatively, you can take the sting out of going back to work with a bit of 60s magic in the form of this suit; shot through with silver and stating "I'm not here to take the minutes, and you can get your own coffee".  Finally, bringing it back to the present is this spotty blazer, ideal with summer whites or those hot summery colours like bright pink or turquoise. 


Deadly Ponies (TM) - Gorman (TM) - Pedro's Bluff - Mi Piaci

No outfit is complete without the right accessories!  This Deadly Ponies bag is a classic style and colour, but features a wee bone-shaped clasp for some A+ whimsy.  I can't believe I've linked to these Gorman sandals, which I love very much and badly want for myself, but sadly cannot justify since I can't imagine wearing them for work *saddest emoji face*. Since I'm being a good girl about that purchase, I might finally shout myself the Peregrine crossbody from Pedro's Bluff in the burgundy colour.  I love my Fluffy Bluff very much, and it's taught me to try to invest in good quality bags.  One thing I'll definitely be trying on is this pair of navy sandals from Mi Piaci, since we know I love and have thrashed my navy high heels.  This would be a great summer option (and that block heel looks comfy).