Seaweed strides by the seaside

Seaweed strides by the seaside

Sometimes you wear pants with coral and seaweed on them to work, and then remember that you have networking drinks after work with other professionals, who almost certainly won’t have dressed like a lunatic for work that day.  See also: I went to work wearing a dress and earrings that I deliberately chose so that I would look and feel like a fiesta, featuring rainbow piñata style, and then remembered I was conducting an interview to recruit a new member for my team.  At least people remember who I am?

These pants though.  I bought them in Zara in San Francisco way back in July 2015, and if you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, it will be obvious why.  I love clothes that are bright and colourful, and have weird details – basically, my style inspiration swings wildly between Ms Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and what I describe as “young Italian widow in mourning for her much older Mafioso husband”.  Catchy, I think you’ll agree.  It’s why I own a weird amount of prints but also black velvet. 

I think it’s reflected in this outfit.  This deep navy/almost black top from Veronika Maine, when paired with more classic items, very much evokes the sense I’m extremely rich and definitely about to decamp to the Riviera with my pool boy.  Meanwhile, my pants are a biology lesson named “Under the Sea: Invertebrate Madness”.


These pants make me feel extremely slender because of three key features: the print, the seam up the front of the leg, and the combo of tapered legs and a flat front.  There are no pockets in these pants, and while I understand women everywhere are obsessed with pockets, they would ruin these pants immediately.  I gladly sew pockets closed on pants that are cut like these, so that they maintain their sleek shape.  Tricks of the trades – literally – I learnt that working at David Lawrence and sending garments out for tailoring for my personal clients back in the day. Girl, I’m carrying a bag anyway, and I’m not putting anything in my pockets except my hands when I’m posing for this blog.

Even though they are statement pants (once again, I have a sick addiction), they’re still a classic shape, and those classic shapes are reflected through the rest of the items I chose - starting with these classic navy suede pumps that I bought recently from The Iconic and LOVE.  They are one of those things that you buy and then you absolutely cannot understand how you got on without them.  The top we’ve canvassed above, and was actually a find from Recycle Boutique here in Wellington - a true fashion treasure trove. 

The coat, which I’ve featured before, is one of my favourite things I found on my highly successful trip to Japan last year.  I bought some amazing things, including my tulle skirt and my pink pleather mini, but this coat from Uniqlo was (a) a bargain due to being on massive reduction and (b) a great find because of its vibrant colour, which is great on me, and its beautiful slack cut.  The only tweak it needs (and has needed since I bought it, but I’ve been a lazy fashion blogger) is for the sleeves to be shortened to bracelet length.  I wish I had one in every colour! 

In an act of true dedication to this blog, I dressed up in this outfit on a Saturday afternoon and drove out to the coast so that we could see it in situ by the sea.  What you can’t see here is the people sitting on the balcony of the café, enjoying watching me striking various Awkward Vogue poses with my tripod.  Truly this blog has humbled me/made me realise how embarrassing I am as a human.  However, it was totally worth it for not only some fun background action, but a beautiful drive around the south coast of Wellington.  Shout out to NZ for being the true star of this post!