Sequins and Velvet

I’m wearing an outfit that small Megan would have dreamed of – raspberry pink velvet and a shiny, sparkly, pink and gold (and brown and black) skirt.  Being a grown up is not as amazing as I assumed it would be, but outfits like this are proof that there are some perks!  And luxe fabrics like velvet and wall to wall sequins are also (in my opinion) one of the perks of cooler weather.

I sometimes get stuck on a fashion idea for months at a time, and this skirt represents the conclusion of one of these.  I’ve been searching sequinned skirts for ages, since I saw the trompe l’oeil effect created by Gucci (yes, Gucci again) and decided that a sequinned straight skirt could be a great option.  I started searching for sequins even further back than that, but I found tops in particular a bit tricky, since they remind me of the “town tops” I wore in the early 2000s as I prowled Courtney Place with my teenaged girl friends.   I finally found a gorgeous Coop sequinned skirt in pink at Madame Fancy Pants in Wellington (yes, that shop name SPEAKS TO ME) but sadly it was just too long on me.  Damn you short legs.  You make me trot along like a tiny dog and you prevent me from buying fabulous sequinned skirts.

However, it all came right in the end.  If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, now is the hour to get even more nonsense from me) then you know I am on a search for long sleeve tshirts that are not scoop necked.  I am desperate.  I have a couple from Country Road from about two years ago, but they are unnecessarily long on me – my torso is also short.  I am short all over – and I just really want some to layer under jumpers so I don’t itch to death.  My search took me into Mirrou, a shop I would normally hard pass, and while I didn’t find any long sleeve tshirts, I did find this triumph of a skirt.

Guess how much it cost?  $14.99.  That’s messed up, particularly when you consider it was marked down from $34.99.  How on earth do you manufacture a skirt that claims to be “hand beaded” (I would be amazed if that was entirely accurate), ship it to New Zealand, and then run a retail store to sell it in and only charge $35?   There are clearly some garbage practices going on there, but in the spirit of occasional exceptions, and to soothe my sad, long-sleeve-tshirt-less soul, I shouted myself.  It is surprisingly good.  The sequins are firmly attached, it’s sufficiently opaque, it doesn’t itch (MAJOR triumph) and it makes a deeply satisfying soft jingling sound when I walk. I absolutely love it, so much so that I occasionally take it out of the wardrobe just to look at it.  It is my jingly friend now. I’m going to thrash it to make up for the guilt of buying it.

You might recall that I have reached Peak Velvet and am on a self-imposed velvet buying ban, but this guy snuck in there before I managed to cut myself off.  It’s from Frutti, on Cuba Street here in Wellington, and damn if it isn’t a delicious shade of raspberry pink.  I think it’s cut on a slight bias, because last time I wore it, it slowly twisted around me and had to be re-tucked from time to time; however, I think we can all agree that it is a delight.  This top also taught me that not all velvet is created equal – this one is a silk velvet and it is so soft that everything else you touch after it feels like it is tearing your fingertips apart.  I highly recommend these as a great transitional top, and I will be genuinely sad when the weather gets so cold that I can’t get away with this anymore.

My Mum bought these Country Road shoes for me pre-2011, probably in 2010.  I was dying for these – I wore a lot of colours that went with chocolate brown and while these were out of my budget at the time, I knew once I had them I would wear them with love.  I’ve had them resoled, and in the past couple of years I only wore them once or twice, but they’re so classic, well made and well cared for that I knew I would be calling on them again once the colour wheel spun around in fashion land.  Here we are – my cheap Mirrou skirt was the perfect moment to break out a pair of shoes that were once the most expensive, and highest quality item I owned. 

This coat was nearly given away two years ago, when I bought it off Asos and couldn’t figure my life out.  However, I held onto it (despite having worn it ONCE in the winter of 2015) and last winter it finally made sense to me and got the thrashing it deserved.  You can’t tell from these photos, but it is in need of debobbling ASAP.  Sometimes you just need to objectively decide if something you’ve bought is good, regardless of your level of engagement with it, and let it simmer away in the back of the wardrobe until it has its time to shine.  I wore it constantly with my favourite Kate Sylvester Muse brooch, which made the coat look slightly better quality than it is, and the pop of pink in it works perfectly here with the other pinks.  And if you haven’t heard – pink is huge right now, so should be easy to add to your wardrobe for a bit of a pick me up.  Although I’ve bought a weird number of coats this year (having previously had a maximum of two winter coats on constant repeat, I now own…*cough* more than two), I can guarantee this one will still be a go-to.  Once I’ve debobbled it, anyway.

So team, what item is hiding in your wardrobe and is ready for a new lease of life this year?  And can anyone tell me where I might find the long sleeve tshirt of my dreams?