What to buy on sale

What to buy on sale

Sale season is in full force in Wellington, with lots of retailers in severe mark down rounds and new sales still kicking off.  I try to make sure Mode & Methodology is about the thoughts I have about style, instead of having a "buy buy buy!" mentality, but let's be real.  Everyone loves deals.  Especially meeeeee! 

There's lots of articles online about how to do well in sales, which seem to focus on (a) not buying things just because they're on sale and (b) returns policies.  Both fine points, well made. But as always, I'm here to offer some alternative advice. 

Now is your chance to level up

Don't swing by the sales at your usual retailer.   Instead, stalk some more luxurious fabrics and cuts at your usual full retail budget.  Although this means you don't achieve the same volume of sale purchases, you'll still get an incredible steal.  It also means you won't find yourself tipping your impulse purchases into a clothing bin in 12 months' time.  

Give it a go

I  totally get why people say "don't buy it just because it's on sale" - what they mean is, don't let price sway you from your usual style.  HOWEVER.  I think sales are a great chance to be experimental, with less risk.  Some of my favourite finds have been items I've taken a punt on in a sale (as have some of my failures - I'm looking at you, painfully high yellow suede sandals I only wore once). 

(Above, a sample of my many sale successes. Literally everything I'm wearing in those photos, I bought on sale). 

Buy locally

Oh god, the online sales are amazing.  70% off all sale stock.  Take another 25% off sale prices!  BUT.  It's still really important to support local designers and retailers through the sale season - those purchases will help keep businesses going and keep your community employed.  It's an extension of the point above - instead of buying 10 items on Asos, maybe buy two from a local boutique, and start building a relationship. 

Think ahead

Sometimes I see things at RRP that I love, and hope will go on sale because $$$$$$, but know will be expensive even on sale.  So I save up in advance (in fact I have a separate account called "Frivolous Sh*t" where I put little bits of money when I can.  Also very useful for buying "bad day lipstick" and similar).  Worst case scenario,  it sells out before it goes on sale and you have a few extra dollars set aside for something else. 

In an extension of this, is it your Mum's birthday soon, or do you have an event or holiday coming up later in the year? Don't waste this glorious moment to be super organised and save a few bucks - buy things now and wear them later.  

Areta Sash Dress - View from the Top - Wanderer Shirt

Cotton Stripe Bell Sleeve top - Pepper Dress - Heat Wave Mini Dress

Upgrade your basics

You guys will remember one of my style resolutions for 2017 was to buy good quality "hero" items like a white shirt and leather jacket.  I bought both of those things - on sale.  And that meant I could stretch the budget into slightly better versions of those things than had I been paying full whack.  Have a think about what you wear the most and see if you can track down a better quality version now.

Don't forget your undies

Finally, I can't stress enough how great it is to buy a bra on sale.  Or those stupidly expensive knickers from Jockey that don't show their seams (they cost $25 per pair usually.  NO).  Buy yourself a bra and two pairs of great pants now and Future You will thank you when you have a spare $20 for a glass of wine and some fries on Friday after work.  That's great financial planning!

Some other great possibilities:

Kowtow Building Crossover Skirt - Alexis Skirt at Kate Sylvester - Eloise Print Dress - Elvio Zanon boots