The trick to wearing midi-length like you're 5'8"

The trick to wearing midi-length like you're 5'8"

According to the internet, I am a whole 5 feet and 2 inches tall (on a good day).  I have not grown since I was about 13 years old – I am bona fide short.  I mean, I wear four inch heels on the regular so many people think I am slightly about average height, but I am, in fact, fairly tiny.  Once, on a dare, I stood next to my boss in my socks and the top of my head nearly reached his shoulder.  I felt like a child; ergo, heels at work.

Modern science/the arbitrary rules of fashion would have you believe that the midi-length is not for me.  I am too short, and all hemlines below the knee cap are verboten.  But once again, dear blog reader, I remind you that when it comes to dressing myself I am a rule breaker, rebellious to the very core, and so I bought this Salasai dress even though it was quite clear from the online images that it would just about touch the ground on me.  

I think it looks, and brace yourself for the modesty and humility in this sentence, pretty damn excellent. 

Obviously, I’ve gone for the obvious and worn really high heels with this dress to create a bit more space between the hem and the ground.  However, two observations: 1. The real trick is that these shoes are made with transparent panels at the sides, so your foot recedes even more into this optical illusion of longer legs; and 2. I walked to work in flat shoes because plastic shoes are (unsurprisingly), a nightmare for travel.  I think that flat shoes were actually a much cooler look with this particular dress, and I’m envisioning it with my red slides in summer as a weekend barbecue option. 

Fashion would also say that horizontal stripes are a no go, as they draw the eye out and create width over height (the latter of which I am obviously lacking).  I find this theory totally mad.  Vertical lines bend, emphasising curves (or, in my case, the uneven distribution thereof) and while they can create a lengthening effect, the problem with this dress is that it’s already too long on me.  Horizontal stripes are a strong graphic that create presence in the dress.  More importantly, and this is why you buy good quality clothes my friends, this dress has been put together with proportions that work for the overall length. 

For example, the torso has a seam on each side just outside the breast, which creates structure in the top.  The sleeves hit at my waist, and the pockets sit at my hip.  I also love the width of the sleeves – if these were fitted, the rest of the dress would look terrible and floppy.  Is there sex appeal in this dress?  No – it’s certainly not for those who look for obvious sexiness, since it’s not short, tight or low cut. I think it’s sassy though, and personally I think sass and a bit of experimentation is rather captivating.

I will admit that as I walked to work in this dress, with my Lonely coat flapping over the top and my Rollies on, that I was struck by how close I was to wearing Old Timey pyjamas.  I was incredibly comfy, and I felt unusually cool, but I also looked not unlike I was doing the walk of shame circa 1910.  Later in the day one of the guys from our IT team told me I looked like I was wearing a prison costume.  This was not an insult, which tells you everything about how my workmates have come to interact with my outfits.   

I am Not A Fan of coats that cut you halfway through a dress – I prefer my dresses to be covered entirely by the coat, or to wear a jacket.  Don’t know why, it’s just one of those weird perception things.  So, this Lonely coat is making my life because there is almost nothing that’s too long for this coat to cover.  You, of course, can wear whatever you like over your midi-length dress, but if I was going to hazard a further opinion, I’d say chuck a cropped leather jacket on with this – that will be the other part of my summer evening barbecue outfit.  

Additional bonus – I hadn’t bothered to shave my legs.  Nobody could tell.  A+.

Dress is Salasai, purchased from Once It at the start of the year (soz) – but please enjoy this $99 Salasai sale on right now.  Coat is from Lonely, please enjoy.  I bought these shoes from NZ Sale at Tawa for a princely $20, and I’m very pleased with myself.