What to wear at 5am

As you know, I’m a big believer in wearing things that pep you up and make you feel good.  Sometimes, though, you have to get dressed at 5am so you can fly from Wellington to Auckland and have a bunch of meetings.  On those days, it’s less about flamboyant yellow vintage blazers and it’s more about having a fail safe option that you can throw on and go.  Enter: this twist on the classic pencil skirt.

I’ve been working for about 12 years now.  Back in the early days I was so excited to get to fly to other places and have meetings.  I was hilarious.  Now I see this for what it is – the same as any other meeting, just with the major inconvenience of getting up early and getting home late.  Safe to say, I am excited for the rise of technology that allows me to enter a virtual space so we can all feel like we’re in the same room as each other for the purposes of talking.  Imagine explaining this to advanced aliens – I get in a metal tube, which is then propelled through the air thanks to burning fossilised stuff, and yes, it is quite pollutant-y, thanks for noticing, so that I see the other human to whom I wish to speak.  You can just imagine the blank, incredulous stares.  

Anyway, since teleportation is not yet available, I found myself standing in my bedroom, showered, but with a flat 15 minutes to get dressed, sort out the situation I call hair, and put on enough makeup to pass as alive.  Luckily for me, I had previously been a genius, thusly: I had decided I needed one or two extremely appropriate skirts, that could be worn with black without being themselves black, so that I could essentially “tap out” of fashion for a day and still pass the CEO test.  This is one of those skirts – and here’s why it’s Extremely Appropriate.

It’s long.  There’s no chance of flashing some inner thigh in this number.  It’s fully opaque.  Perfect at 5am where making sure I’m wearing invisible pants under this skirt is a no-win, thanks to the lack of natural light.  It’s pretty enough.  It’s not flamboyant, but I don’t end up looking like I’m on my way to a funeral for someone I don’t know that well.  With heels and a simple knit, ribbed top, I look like I am wearing a costume for “Woman in office (background)” in a drama set in corporate America.  Perfect. Plus, the peplum hem means I can walk in it easily, unlike a true pencil skirt which essentially hobbles me.


This is one of those work horse items that might not give you a thrill, but does make life easier for you.  Other examples include: one really good fitted top in black, one clean and tidy pair of black heels (of whatever height you can walk in relatively easily), one pair of pants that miraculously fit in the waist AND the hips AND are the right length, a nude singlet, seamless knickers, a great belt with enough holes to do both high waists and hips, a pair of bright coloured shoes for instant pep-ups, a jacket or coat in a pattern or colour for even more pep, a tshirt you can’t see your bra through.  All great 5am start stuff.

That's also why I'm wearing a leather jacket - I'm so used to throwing this on now, it's practically a habit.  Later this day I rolled up to a meeting with a fancy CFO wearing this jacket, with no sense of how the meeting would play out, and it was great to have that little bit of leather to balance out Woman in office (background). 


Jacket: Blak Luxe.  I also have the pink one now thanks to a sale at Leven, so soon I will alleviate the boredom of seeing this jacket, with that jacket.  Black ribbed top from Mirrou.  Skirt from TopShop a while ago, similar here.  Shoes are from Ultra and are already pretty thrashed :(