This is great: Moana Road Bag

This is great: Moana Road Bag

What I like is when other people buy things, then tell me how great they are/aren’t, so I can have the benefit of their experience without any of the financial risk.  This is just such a thing.

One Friday evening, as I wended my way home, I decided to pop into Wellington stalwart Iko Iko and see what was new.  They stock Kerry Rocks jewellery, which became a firm favourite earlier this year.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve earned a Very Special Treat and I buy a little shiny trinket for myself.  I am my own sugar daddy in that way.

On this occasion, I was not at Iko Iko for a shiny trinket (although I just looked at the range on the website and apparently I’m going to need to do something impressive rather soon, so I can treat myself again).  I was in the market for a largish bag with a zip closure, perfect for one night trips away for work where all I need is a laptop, a crush-proof dress, a pair of knickers and a make up bag.  I can’t be faffed with something that has to go in the overhead compartment – under the seat in front, the only way to go when you are closer to the floor than the ceiling.

My eye fell upon this bag from a brand I’d never heard of – Moana Road – and when I checked the price I was ASTOUNDED at its cheapness.  $83!  Look at it with its excellent brass hardware and not one but THREE different ways to carry it.  Then I opened it to check it didn’t have annoying dividers and lo and behold – there was a baby bag inside it!  Still only $83!  For two bags! I bought it with speed and alacrity.

That was approx. two months ago, and bloody hell it’s been a great bag.  Here’s my more detailed review:

  • I’m v pleased with the colour.  I have been using the baby bag constantly, and it’s such an innocuous pale cream/grey shade that it goes with everything.  It’s particularly lovely with my pale pink leather jacket.
  • The hardware is superb.  Robust, shiny, well attached.  I love that you essentially clip the baby bag to the mummy bag with the flaps on the sides, so that it’s secure inside the larger bag and you can then use its longer strap to go cross-body.
  • It’s obviously not leather at that price, and while the materials are good, they are not quite able to pass as leather.  On the upside, extremely durable.  I literally throw my bags around, dump them on the ground, etc and they aren’t showing a single scratch.
  • Baby bag is surprisingly roomy.  I can fit an entire fold-up umbrella in it!
  • Mummy bag is GINORMOUS – in fact, possibly a teensy bit too roomy.  I have used it with and without the baby bag.  It’s handy with the baby bag as it allows you to throw all the little bits and bobs in there and kind of corral them.  Otherwise, all the things slide to the bottom and under the baby bag/black piece of rigid plastic in the bottom.  Haven’t yet used it as a travel bag but have tested its capacity and it’s looking good.
  • Back to the colour – I was a fool and carried it with the longer straps whilst also wearing dark denim (old dark denim though!).  The back of Mummy bag is now slightly blue, so it does pick up colour.  Don’t be hopeless like me.

It comes with a little story about itself (check out the last pic).  For those on mobile: The Remuera Bag is designed to make you look slightly better than everyone else.  The bling of the Remuera Bag’s brass hardware will twinkle with your fob locker chain and your excessive diamond encrusted rings.  The second smaller bag is designed for that dinner engagement in town where you want to simplify things as you elegantly step out to dominate your social scene.

If you know me, you know I love to dominate my social scene.  And by “dominate my social scene”, I mean “do my best to be a supportive friend and hold your baby quite often and build a full emergency services precinct out of old boxes, except when I’m lying on the couch eating a mango and watching behind the scene haute couture videos”. 

You can check out Moana Road here - the site includes a wee bit of information about their factories, which I think is great.  It’s a wholesaler, so you can’t buy through their website – if you’re based in Wellington, check out Iko Iko.  Everyone else, check out the stockists page and see if there’s a stockist near you!