Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Current Favourites

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Current Favourites

This blog is concrete evidence that I own a "not small" amount of clothes, shoes and accessories.  However, like a bad parent, I have a rotating cast of favourites at any particular time.  Since it's boring to talk solely about clothes and shoes (OR IS IT), I've also included some wild card make up and home items, as well as my current favourite music vid.  Enjoy! 


These shoes from Overland.  These are representative of a broader love affair that I'm having with this heel height and style, as I adopt these as appropriate weekend wear.  I also just seriously love these - the colour and the pale wood heel feels so summery and has a bit of a 70s vibe to me.  I'm still in the "take out of the wardrobe just to look at them" stage of this romance.  This style of shoe tends to last really well, so this is an investment worth making. 


I went on an Etsy binge, as evidenced by Instagram here, here and here.  I love my leather leaf earrings from BenuMade but thought I'd mix it up and show you guys another fave, from We Mumble.  I'm so weirdly attracted to abstract faces (will someone please buy this - it's only $40 NZD, with shipping!), and I am on board with all statement earrings that are visually punchy but which weigh approximately nothing.  Super rad, get lots of compliments, can't imagine my life without them.  I also imagine I'll hold onto these for decades, which is how I measure success in an accessories purchase. 


Speaking of accessories - please witness this amazing beaded vintage bag I bought from Unearthed Vintage and Retro on Cuba Street.  Yes, that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in full technicolour.   I replaced its fairly beaten plastic handles with these brass ones I purchased at Spotlight for about $10, which gave it an immediate refresh and modernised it slightly (but not too much).  I am loving this with the wide leg Levis (that I bought 15 years ago and hoarded like a totally normal person until they came back into style).  Keep an eye out for this with an outfit later this week. 


First of all, loving having this rail out so I can see some of my pretty Spring things (more on this on Friday).  I'm also seriously loving these little camisoles from Glassons.  I bought my first one in an attempt to introduce a block colour to my wardrobe (sometimes I need something that isn't a print!) and I felt so good in it that I went back for another.  My favourites have adjustable straps, but all of them seem to lie at the perfect spot on my decolletage and they look perfect under a blazer (and with that simple layered gold necklace). 


I am like Mafia level loyal to Chanel lipsticks, particularly the Rouge Allure formulation.  They are super pigmented and they don't make my lips burn (MAC) or unusually dry, plus, the packaging is a treat in itself.  However, they are very much a treat at their price point.  Last month I found myself pootling about in a pharmacy and thought I'd give Revlon's "Wine With Everything" lipstick a go.  I liked it a lot.  Next time I was pharmacy adjacent I picked out this awesome mauve colour ("Sassy Mauve" - these names are made for me).  I am good for lipsticks for the rest of the year. 


I have straight thrashed this candle from George & Edi, in the scent Havana - in fact, it's burning now as I write this.  In colder weather I like my candles to have a touch of masculine scent, and avoid anything too floral and anything that smells like food.  This has been a really enjoyable scent and the candle has dealt with my negligent approach to candle maintenance.  I think this will be done and dusted in a month or so at the most, and then I will be able to go on a jaunt to Petone, have a chat with Deryn/a small browse, and pick up a new scent for summer.  Parfait! 

I can't deny my love for both this song and this video.  I do this very low key home workout from time to time and this is currently the first song in the playlist.  My "routine" is a mix of legitimate strengthening and toning exercises, with impromptu dancing about in lieu of cardio.  This is the perfect song - something about it makes me dance almost involuntarily, and it makes me feel super cheerful.  The video was a recent discovery and I just love the heck out of it.  It's so stupid and over the top and perfect - keep your eyes peeled for my personal fave, the dude doing bicep curls with puppies.  As weights.  He is my workout inspiration.  This is NSFW if your workplace lacks a sense of humour.