30 Looks That Inspired Me From Fashion Week(s)

30 Looks That Inspired Me From Fashion Week(s)

They call it “Fashion Week”, but when it’s four weeks (Milan, Paris, New York and London) it is, in fact, a Fashion Month. Spring and Summer collections for the Northern Hemisphere’s next season conveniently show just as we are going into the hot weather, so I love to look through the shows and pick out some ideas for how to jazz up my look ahead of the fashion pack. Because obviously they know that I’m at the front edge of fashion down here in the Antipodes. Since I’m not in the market for high end luxury fashion, this is purely about ideas and colours and fun.

I’ve rounded up 30 looks (out of thousands, literally more photos than I could ever bear to look at) and written a few notes on each about what caught my beady wee eyes. I’m sorry about the prolific use of “love!”. I’m a much more basic b*tch than I realised. I chose my favourite five so I could expand on my incredibly interesting thoughts, and then spared you and put the other 25 in a slide show because I’m a straight up technology whizz. All of the images have links back to their original sources - enjoy!

MARNI: I would describe my ideal summer aesthetic as “bright colours and prints with crazy accessories” so Marni really nailed it for me this year. The coat has inspired me to bust out my lightweight and jazzy spring/summer coats, and although I cannot wear that style of sunglasses I can at least experiment with something exciting and new. I’m not going to wear one giant earring, but I could do something more voluminous with the pixie cut (and maybe experiment with a mismatched earring option?). The skirt is the true hero here - look at that phenomenal print. A timely reminder that a good quality print is an outfit maker, and inspiration to get some fabric paint and get playing with a thrifted printed find?

SAINT LAURENT: I want this top so much, but luckily for me I’m one step ahead of myself with a possible option from Fille Fantome to satisfy all my gathered bust needs. I’m in the market for a good hat this year (stay tuned for a blog post with more info about how to pick a great hat, coming in November) so I was really drawn to outfits with hats, but what I love the most here is the use of denim shorts with other items in more luxe fabrications. I am not personally ready for a return to hardcore platforms, but this is a good reminder that a (less vertiginous) platform can be useful on rainy days. It’s definitely a reminder that a bit of a lift can be a real boon in a pair of shorts.

MOSCHINO: how can I DIY this effect, I need to know and I might just buy a blazer from the op shop for experiment purposes. Putting that aside though, I think my notes say it all - more yellow, suits forever, and as I already mentioned, I am fixated on hats right now. I think yellow is such a cheery and punchy alternative to the millennium pink that has plagued us all for the past five years (although stay tuned for the point where this goes too far and I am ultra sick of it too). I’m enjoying the combination of a power shoulder and a nipped in waist here (a nice change from a masculine, oversized style of dressing) and the lightness of the accessories alongside the scribbly effect.

JOSEPH: I basically own these trousers, in a version from Kowtow that I love very much, so it was great to see them styled up in this way for a bit of a new twist. This look has me thinking Kowtow trousers + oversized camo shirt from Army Surplus Store (tucked in) + pale peach/beige tshirt = a great option for the next cool spring day we get (which really helps to fight my anger at the lack of summer warmth!). A good reminder that spring and summer doesn’t all have to be about BRIGHT AND LOUD AND DID I MENTION BRIGHT - this is a great look for a day when you are feeling in a more classic mood. Chic, even.

HERMES: there’s something about an all white outfit that is calling to me this year and this outfit epitomises the dream. Let’s start at the top - I love those earrings, which are a perfect style for those of us with more sticky-outy ears. Then the top is a cascade of pleated joy, creating a delicious almost-ovoid shape that promises to keep you cool without you having to flash a lot of flesh. We all know I love a skirt that’s ripe for a power swish, and in the summer this length and lightness will create coolness and breeziness without you having to peel a naked thigh off a seat on public transportation. Finally, tan accessories are so right for this time of year, and I can’t wait to deploy the gorgeous tan woven bucket bag I recently picked up - any bag that’s big enough for a bikini and a towel is a must have this year!

So that’s it, team, the ideas that leapt off the page for me (so to speak) this fashion month. How about you? Do you follow “the shows” and if so, what are you planning to borrow this season? If not, what’s your favourite option from the 30 I’ve selected?