Out of my comfort zone: sleepwear week

While I’m very confident with my own personal style, every so often a time will come when I feel like it might be time for a fashion challenge.  This week is one of those times – for each of the three style posts this week I’m using some element of pyjamas in my outfit.  Today we’re starting with a bang with a vintage silk pyjama set, dressed up like a jumpsuit.

Honestly, I’m not even sure where this idea came from – I think possibly I watched a YouTube video where someone styled pyjama pants as part of an outfit? – in any case, it was incredibly easy (and cheap!) to lay my hands on this pretty little set.   I’m a reasonably Fancy Lady but I do not wear matching silk pyjamas to bed and honestly, even after wearing this set it still feels kinda OTT.  However, as always, the motto of Mode & Methodology is “I do what I want”, so if you’re all matching silk pj sets all the time, I support your dreams.  Just like those silk jim-jams undoubtedly do.


Right, thoughts about this look and whether I actually like it.  Obviously, an outfit made entirely of silk is A++++ comfort.  I’m not sure I’ve been this comfortable in my clothes since I stopped wearing matching tracksuit looks as a child (which, as I think about it, is just athletic pyjamas OH MY GOD.  Maybe there IS a reason for me to play sports).  I happen to think cap sleeves are the most pointless bit of fashion design to have ever graced God’s green earth – that’s right, more pointless than men’s ties.  It’s also fair to say there was a surfeit of fabric and the gently elasticated waist of the pants meant it was hard to get a really efficient tuck-in going, so I felt a bit slobby. 


That being said, I like how it looks in the full length shots here.  I could definitely imagine a world where I replaced the annoying elastic and rocked this to a wedding or similar (still with a belt).  I’d prefer dark reddy-pink accessories for such an event, but if I ever find myself hosting an afternoon soiree at my beachside apartment, this look will be just the thing.  I think part of the issue here is that I am, basically, an oblong.  I bought new togs recently and when my friends asked for a photo I literally typed back “just imagine an oblong wearing togs”.  It’s my look, and I can belt this and pose all I want, but: oblong.  I’m not mad about it.  It’s just the geometric shape that was chosen for me by genetics.


Obviously, the beauty of separates is that they…separate.  Unfortunately, these pants are a teensy bit sheer, so while they are okay with my trusty nude Jockey knickers* underneath, you can’t tuck in anything darker than my skin tone which I think we can agree is presently pretty “light beige”.  I recently bought a red mesh top with a mock turtleneck for $6 at an op shop and it’s fair to say that I will be finding a way to wear that with these pants, ASAP.  Can you buy little nude shorts to wear under things like the equivalent of a nude slip skirt?  I shall find out.

The top is an entirely different kettle of fish – if anything, it’s too wearable.  I am JAZZED to wear this top with my white wide legged jeans, with my 501s, with my brown leather pencil skirt, with denim shorts…seriously, it’s gonna get thrashed.  I think these are from the 90s so they’ve lasted 20 years, but last week I (very slightly) damaged the sleeve on a 50 year old dress and (very significantly) damaged the handle on a 50 year old bag, so y’know.  This top’s days may be numbered.


In conclusion, I’m going to give attempt one a solid 6 out of 10.  Points added for silkiness, unbelievable physical comfort, pretty pattern, adaptability of items.  Points deducted for cap sleeves, sheer fabric, and bagginess/oblongyness.  Not a terrible start – stay tuned this week to see how the other two looks come together.  


 * Quick word on those knickers – they’re the ones with the sticky grip stuff on the inside of the butt cheek, and while they cost $25 per pair and therefore more than this entire pyjama set, they are unbelievably useful in the summer.  I’m probably wearing a pair of them in every single blog post on this website, so while I waffle on about my clothes they are the true hero.