Stole this Look: Tiered Skirts

I’m staying with my friend Theresa at the moment, and we’ve been talking about how you discover that there lots of clothes in the world that you LOVE, but will never wear.  They might just appeal to your sense of what is pretty, or they might be clothes for someone you wish you were, but they are not in any way actually a thing you would wear to the office on a Tuesday.  This dress is a great example of this phenomenon.  It’s vintage, silk, and I bought it at MADE in Auckland, in a fit of rainy-day work procrastination with a dream of wearing it like Leandra Medine in this skirt (photo number 9).  (It also had large, tiered sleeves which my lovely dressmaker removed).





I hunted the internet to find a way to wear this dress, and thus I was inspired by this pic of Sophia Amoruso – yes, a different skirt (less ruffles, more pattern) but the same vibe.  The tshirt is the thing that makes this work because it acts as a balance to the skirt.  It gives the skirt a bit of a devil may care, rock and roll vibe, which is also not in character for me but is marginally closer to my Ms Frizzle style reference. I’m not sure where the Magic School Bus would be going that would require this dress, but I welcome ideas in the comments below.

Image Credit: The Sartorialist


I knew I had just the right tshirt.  I bought this guy at Jay Jays when I was in Uni – so 14 years ago (I checked that maths twice because HOW IS THAT RIGHT).   It has truly entered the awkward bobbly phase, but it stays in the tshirt drawer year after year for two reasons.  First up, it’s the comfiest thing in the world, and second, it’s ideal with all things fancy.  If I’m a one trick pony, then my trick is high-low juxtaposing *finger guns* There’s an obvious issue with the mis-matched necklines, but I think it’s okay enough and anyway, my parakeet earrings totally draw the eye up, amiright?

I’ve been experimenting with layering more lately, and while there are times where the layers need to be perfect and hidden, wearing a layer that shows can be effective in the right circumstances.  I’m thinking skirts over dresses with a double hemline, or a tshirt layered under a boatneck shirt.  This should be very effective for getting me through winter without losing my mind. 


Now the question remains - where can I wear this ridiculous get up?  Because the problem here, people, is that this is based on an outfit that Ms Amoruso was wearing to live her creative glamour life in New York, whereas my life swings between "casually eating pancakes or hanging out with my friends" and "pushing the boundaries of the corporate dress code".  I don't want to wear a tshirt knotted at my waist to work, but I don't want to wear a multi-tiered skirt and a pair of four inch sandals to play on the floor with a small child.  HMMMM. 

My theory remains that this dress will come into its own in winter, with a cropped knit for that waistline.  Perhaps with a denim jacket and a pair of slides for an afternoon's shopping?  Or with a button up shirt and a pair of heels for the office on a Friday?  Stay tuned and I'll see what else I can come up with - this beauty has got to be worn. 


For those who are intrigued – the Washington Wildcats are real! 

Dress: vintage, but there's a couple of pretty options here and here.  Great tshirt alternative is here.  Shoes are from Therapy, sunnies are Le Specs and earrings are Nach Bijoux