Inspired by the 70s | Silver and Stripes

Inspired by the 70s | Silver and Stripes

The 70s are having yet another moment in fashion at the moment, but instead of the hippy fashion that inspired style through at least part of my teens, we’re seeing a resurgence of other 70s styles (hurrah!).  I was really inspired by this slideshow, which I found when I was putting together the weekly newsletter, and especially slide 11.  Thus, this outfit was born, as a power outfit for International Womens’ Day during a bit of cold snap in Wellington.  It uses one of the easiest tricks I know in fashion – pick three clean colours.  There’s a reason so many flags involve red, white and blue…it’s a great colour palette and one worth stealing!


It all started with this striped jumper, which I picked up from Uniqlo when I was in Sydney on holiday.  It’s part of the latest collection designed for Uniqlo by Ines de la Fressange.  Although information about the genesis of their collaboration is peculiarly difficult to find online, I can tell you that I bought a Uniqlo x Ines de le Fressange shirt when I was in the United States in 2015, so it’s obviously been going strong for a while!  That shirt, just by the way, is also still going strong and a firm favourite.  I love the bold blue, contrasting with the clean red and white stripe across the front and it really reminds me of the Bella Freud designs.


These Moschino trousers are wool, and feature a very very small waistband, so I was somewhat trepidatious about the plan to tuck this jersey in.  I only just got away with it, so if I want to wear this outfit in the depths of winter I will need to avoid eating all the stodgy winter fare I love!  Silver shoes were a cop out after a few other options tried, and failed, to join this combo.  These shoes have ended up being a superb buy – silver works as an excellent neutral to pair with cooler tones.  I strongly, strongly endorse buying a pair of silver shoes (they don’t have to be as high as these!) if you want a more neutral shoe that isn’t nude/beige.


Now, I wish I could say that this outfit came to me, fully formed, because I am a Style Genius, but that would be a huge lie.  It was only when I went into my office (where the rail of blazers lives) to grab a jacket that I had the brainwave to wear my white blazer and I love it.  Similarly to the silver shoes, I bought this blazer without a clear sense of just how wearable it would be (thanks to The Iconic having quite the sale, I paid $48.99 for this M.N.G suit jacket).   In fact, I can tell you I bought it in June 2016, along with a pair of Cheap Monday jeans and a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses (the latter for $17.50, unbelievably!), all of which are still in my wardrobe.  Those jeans get so thrashed that I’ve recently purchased a pair of 501s in a similar wash.  But back to the jacket!


I love a double-breasted blazer, and this one is also slightly longer and slightly boxier without looking like it’s the wrong size for me.  It’s also a very dense, thick fabric which means the jacket has a bit of rigidity, which in turn means it looks like it cost me a great deal more than $48.99.   Although it breaks some silly fashion rule about when you’re allowed to wear white, personally I think a heavy white blazer is a great addition to a winter wardrobe, layered over a chunky knit with a great pair of jeans.  Its innate spiffiness means that it makes even the most casual weekend outfit look a bit more put together.  Worn here with a pair of wide legged, high waisted trou and this striped jumper, it’s definitely giving me a bit of a retro vibe, and you know I love that.   


The Uniqlo jersey is not available online at the Uniqlo AU store anymore (it’s only available in another colour way here and they don’t yet ship to New Zealand), but the Bella Freud jumpers are here (300 quid! Yeesh!).  A good option for the white blazer is here.  Red trou are vintage, but you could try these if you fancy a pair of red trousers!  And these shoes are Gianvito Rossi (purchased at NZ Sale), but this is the pair I’m eyeing up as my back up for when I eventually ruin these…