Best Buys of the Year | Jan - Mar 2018

Best Buys of the Year | Jan - Mar 2018

So, the Buy Diary has been very real so far this year. 

For those who are new, I instituted a record of what I buy to support my resolution this year to Be Thoughtful.  Since we're at the end of the first quarter, I did a little review and reflect.  I think it reveals three broad categories:

  • Pre-loved and vintage: this stuff is usually the cheapest (thus a lot of volume) or really unusual, and therefore unusually desirable to me.  It's definitely the easiest to justify.
  • Things I really like and which gel with my style etc, but which I haven't really planned.  A reasonably large category but (if you discount the first category) not as huge as I feared. 
  • Stuff that I bought to replace things I'd wrecked, or stuff I'd thought about buying.  I cracked some of these in the first quarter, but definitely scope for this to become pretty much the focus of what I buy. 

Going into the next quarter, having reflected on this quarter, I'm going to give the following a nudge:

  • There's enough clothing in my house now that I do not need to add volume, regardless of price.  With the exception of another "my friend dressed me" post, steering clear of the temptation represented by vintage and pre-loved is the name of the game.
  • Keep maintaining flexibility in the Frivolous Things account for some fun, unconsidered buys.  Variety (and therefore stripey blouses) is the spice of life. 
  • But mostly use my fun funds for finishing off buying stuff that will make a useful impact in my wardrobe/replace stuff that's worn out or wrecked.  While I thought these buys would be boring, they added so much value that I actually think this is the best category.  Better than crazy vintage!  Who am I?! 

I made some buys at the start of this year that I really loved, so, in the name of calling out my wins as well as my lessons - here they are! 


I thought this black and white skirt from Seed Heritage would be too statement to wear, but I enjoyed wearing it with white in the summer and I can't wait to wear it with this raspberry jumper in winter.  So swishy, so fun!  Now deeply discounted! GO GO GO

This raspberry jumper (featured in this blog post) was a steal using some vouchers I'd accrued at Farmers, and is a cosy, soft option for winter.  A really flattering colour on me, and based on the dress up session I had when I got home with it, weirdly versatile.  I anticipate this will get thrashed. 

This shirt from custommade at Wanda Harland wasn't cheap, but I had just found out I was a finalist for a fancy award so I'm going to chalk it up to #winning.  It is magnificent - I feel like it sums me up in a single shirt. 


This knitwear set from Lazy Day Vintage, which was featured here, cost $50.  Fifty bucks! And it came with an amazing pink suede vest that I am obviously not wearing above.  Thick, warm and a beautiful colour, I love that I will be able to mix and match these pieces over the entire winter.  


There are two things I own a weird number of: wide legged cropped trousers, and square shaped tops with wide sleeves.  This patterned silk Gorman blouse (not online?) is firmly in the latter category.  The print is divine and of course, silk is a dream to wear.  Added bonus, the cami under this blouse is itself a great top.  I was pleased to buy this on sale with some of my holiday spending money. 

This red leather jacket.  I searched high and low for a red leather jacket and in the end I found this one by spotting it from the street in Witchery on Lambton Quay.  I love it, and have already worn it surprisingly often considering how warm it has been.  Yes, I still break out in a bit of a sweat when I think about the cost, but I'll be keeping this girl for years.  Featured here

I loved this Helen Cherry skirt when I saw it in Recycle Boutique and in addition to being awesome for my collaboration with Te Papa, I love the style, colour and fabrication (more silk!).  I honestly can't think of how I would improve on this skirt - even the belt is perfect. 


This Gorman dress spoke to me when I spotted it in Sydney, and you guys loved it too (as did my Mum when she saw it IRL).  I think this will look really good with a jumper layered over it in winter to make it more like a skirt, and the array of colours in the print mean there are lots of ways to wear this. 


Accessory-wise, there were a few I loved (from left to right): 

  • These earrings from OLIVIA, which I picked up at Cre8tive Workz in Wellington, are really lightweight but really fun.  I'm just going to link you to all the earrings because they have a lot of great designs. 
  • Likewise these silver jobs from Gorman, which satisfied my months-long hunt for a pair of silver statement earrings. 
  • I only bought this ring last weekend from The Makers Jewellery here in Wellington, but it satisfies my love of brightly coloured gem stones in solitary settings. 
  • This brooch - where do I start.  It is truly beautiful, and I can't wait to pin it to every single coat I wear this winter! 

For next quarter, as a reflection of my new and improved focus on buying things my wardrobe needs, I'll be tweaking the approach to the Buy Diary:

  • I'll be changing the format so it's more like my wish list (so you can see what I want to buy and why); and 
  • I'll update the wishlist as the months progress, either showing that I purchased something, decided to remove something, or added something. 

You guys know what I like by now, so if you have any recommendations for must buy wardrobe essentials, let me know!  Otherwise, "black trousers for work because mine are starting to look really faded" is the first entry and "patent belt because mine is severely cracked" is the second entry *crying emoji*