Beauty Mode | Sleeping Masks

Beauty Mode | Sleeping Masks

I ran an Instagram poll to see if I should introduce a weekly post on beauty, and the response was a resounding yes - so Thursdays are now officially Beauty Mode day! (Geddit? Cos this is Mode and Methodology? I know, I'm a genius at naming things).  Get ready for some Frank Views on beauty, you guys. 

One of the things I've been curious about recently is sleeping masks.  I love a good mask, and the idea of being able to put on a face mask and then let it work away overnight sounded next level.  To Farmers!  Where I found these Neutrogena sleeping masks for $7.99.

Now, I have used the Neutrogena hydro boost range in the past and I love it.  The sheet masks, in particular, are a firm favourite and are in my bathroom cabinet pretty much permanently.  The eye roller is A++++ (especially if you keep it in the fridge - oh yesssss).  So you can imagine that when I saw they made a sleeping mask in the hydro boost formula I was excited.  And then I was more excited because for some reason the second one was free - so I decided to try "youthful boost".  I'm 35 in six weeks, I will take your magical youth elixir, thanks. 

To the testing! *puts on lab coat*


Okay, this sounds easy.  

Come evening, I used my trusty Simple face wipes to get off the outer layer of ick, then my Midnight Recovery cleansing oil from Kiehls to do my real cleanse.  My skin is prone to dehydration/stress related eczema, so usually at night I would use a few drops of the Midnight Recovery oil and then the Ultra Facial Cream (plus eye cream, natch).  However, for testing purposes I just followed up with this straight onto my clean skin. 

Initial impressions

  • It's the same fragrance as the sheet masks, but I stopped noticing that after a bit. 
  • This is so sticky.  It kind of felt like spreading cheap hair gel on my face.  I immediately had questions about how on earth I was going to wear this on my face in bed.  For some reason I assumed it would absorb more.
  • Eventually it kind of set, and then I decided to apply another thin layer.  
  • You can feel it on your skin, and that was weird because I'm used to things I rub on my face being absorbed and becoming part of my skin.  

Like a true hero of science, I pushed on despite my initial reservations. 

I will say there's a ton of product.  These clearly state "single use mask" on the outside, and contain 10mL of product.  Here's what that looks like:


I'd estimate I used about a third of this when I tested the product, and that was using more than I would naturally feel inclined to use.  The value for money is very real, since there's no way leaving this overnight and using it again could really diminish its efficacy.  It should be a highly stable product, just like your usual face cream etc.  

Having gooed my face, I tucked myself up in my bed and set about sleeping/having inspirational dreams about outfits I would wear in various scenarios involving personal success.  I didn't love putting my goo face onto a clean pillowcase, but since this is essentially colour free once you put it on your face, I just hoped it wouldn't stain my pillow. 

The morning after

I have two major observations:

  • I could definitely still feel it on my skin, but it was peeling - think sunburned skin peeling.  It was gross, not only visually but because as it peeled it balled up and then my pillow was covered in tiny sticky goo balls. 
  • Once I washed it off (which required cleanser, just water wasn't cutting it), my skin felt hydrated...but only normal levels of hydrated.  Maybe it's because I use such a full-on combo on my skin usually, but I didn't have a magical moment where I looked at my face and thought "wow look how plumped and hydrated my skin looks".  

As hoped, it didn't stain my pillow.  Just for those who share my concerns vis a vis bedding. 


I guess I don't get the point of this product?  It's fine.  I think if my skin was more dehydrated or dry at the moment it might have more impact, so I'll hold onto the youthful boost version and try that in the depths of winter.  However, the impact will have to be pretty noticeable to make the experience worthwhile, and I think you can get that impact from sheet masks and choosing a good skin care combo. 

In addition, if I had a partner I can imagine that he would have some Views on this product.  The fragrance lingers (I think this would be the major issue), and the peeling/balling up situation is unpleasant for someone sharing a bed with you.  Good night kisses would be weird.  

Finally, these plastic pods are just completely stupid and wasteful.  They don't appear to be recyclable which is MIND BLOWING, and there's absolutely no need for this product to be in individual pods.  It can be in a recyclable jar with a screw top - I just cannot understand this packaging. It seems so out of touch.  

Overall - I do not recommend.  Save your pennies, spend a little more, and buy the Neutrogena Hydro Boost sheet masks or the night cream from the same range.