Style 'Scopes | March 2018

Style 'Scopes | March 2018

Welcome to Style 'Scopes, where we take inspiration from our totally reliable horoscopes (I use these ones), to figure out what we want to wear this month.  All the past Style 'Scopes will be available here as the months go by.  Click the pictures to go to their sources.

This month we're choosing jewellery based on our star signs!


Girl, it sounds like you are gonna get sassy this month.  Susan describes it as a "good, strong month" but she also seems to think you will be finding out some stuff and have some Emotions to deal with.  Luckily, Saturn will hold you back from running your mouth (teach me how?).  On the upside, it's time to start planning for the year ahead, and you're going to be showered with positive financial and romantic vibes on March 13. 

Sounds like you are going to be making some dignified but dramatic exits from discussions this month.  These statement earrings from [xxxx] will be perfect for the dismissive toss of the head that I'm envisioning. 


March is super romantic for us Taureans, and while I'm somewhat surprised to hear that I may be walking down the aisle of my wedding (Mum? Anything to tell me here?) basically it just sounds like we should expect a month of people really being nice to us.  Plus some charming events and some awesome new people.  Susan says we should "get ready to go shopping for new wardrobe items, and...pick out new makeup and a fresh new signature scent".  ROGER THAT. 

For those of us who will not in fact be getting married this month, how about this pretty ring instead?  No worries about conflict diamonds and all the pleasure of having bought something with your own money.  


It's all about relationships and work for you, Gems.  You start off strong in the home zone, and then mid-month the focus shifts to work.  It's all about partnerships, commitment and setting yourself up for a month of success.  Watch out for some Mercury in retrograde action later in the month, which will make things tricky - you should lock in anything that needs to be locked as early as possible. 

There's only one thing that's appropriate for a month about partnerships - friendship necklace!  Totally normal to seal a business partnership with one of these.  Totally normal. 

Source:  LOVEGRAMxGLDN  on Etsy

Source: LOVEGRAMxGLDN on Etsy


Pack your bags, crabs, because this is a fabulous month for travel!  You're going to be itching for new experiences and information, so lean into the opportunity to hear, see and eat some exciting new things - you need variety and spice.  Maybe that's because your relationships have been a bit sucky?  This month Susan says "discussions will ensue" - yikes.  Clear the air and enjoy an even stronger bond than before. 

Let's be real, travelling with a partner is the number one way to start an argument. Travel with the protection of the saints with this Saint Christopher medal.  No arguments over Google Maps for you! 

Source:  Walker and Hall  

Source: Walker and Hall 


Focus up on those finances this month, Leo, because money will be a big feature of this month and you need to be in charge of those decisions.  You're going to be busy with work projects in the second half of the month, but Uranus and Saturn are working together until September to build you a "lifetime of love", so don't spend too much time tweaking your budgets in Excel or working late.  Make sure you plan some time for fun.

You'll need to manage your time like a boss this month, so maybe now is the hour to invest in a beautiful watch? 

Source:  Mansors Jewellers  


Did you sense all eyes on you at the start of this month?  March is the month where things get easier for you, and you start to realise some of your most important desires.  You've got a new focus in the world of love, and as Susan says "Once a Virgo gets down to business, Virgo gets results".  Oooh-er! Add to this salad of excellence with a financial upswing (and maybe even a surprise boost to your income) and you're away laughing. 

Sounds like you'll have some cash to splash, but as a sensible Virgo you'll want something that will stand the test of time.  How about these beautiful pearls? 

Source: NZ Jewellers

Source: NZ Jewellers


Oh Libra, are you feeling okay?  Have a little bit of a rest with some of your closest people, and you'll be back to being a social bubble in no time. There's some unexpected news coming along this month, and you might feel a little stressed out, so make sure you delegate as much as you can to free yourself up.  You have a creative project waiting in the wings that you are going to feel excited about, so you will want some time to work on that.  Someone else can do the laundry! 

Sounds like you need a little bit of TLC this month, Libra.  How about these rose quartz earrings?  Even if you don't believe it has healing properties, looking at something so pretty has to be good for you! 

Source:  Cathy Pope

Source: Cathy Pope


Every month there's one horoscope that I wish was mine, and this month it's yours, Scorpio. Susan says "you will view March as a magical month, one of your most romantic months of the year".  In addition to tons of positive romantic energy, you get to go to a really sensational party, and be ridiculously charming.  This charm and influence will spill into your career, and lots of kudos and luck will be coming your way.  It's a good time to take some chances at work, but keep focussed on love and fun. 

Parties = an opportunity to wear very statement jewellery.  How about this beautiful vintage Balenciaga choker? Team it up with a low neckline and frame your beautiful face. 

Source:  Love and Object


You've been working hard, Sagittarius, and now your moment is finally here to bask in the recognition of a job well done.  It feels so sweet, doesn't it? Susan says you should toot your horn and I say, damn straight.  Nobody else is going to do it for you!  You're going to be spending a little more than usual toward the end of the month - presents to yourself to recognise your success, maybe? - but you need to be slightly chill with the old credit cards.  You don't want to end the month obsessing about money, so find some cheap and cheerful ways to have a few laughs. 

If you want a little treat to say "good job", but you don't want to break the bank, a beautiful ring is a great option.  Chuck some engraving on the inside so you can still remember why  you bought it when you're 97. 


Get ready to feel cheerful AF and to get on a plane - that's right, it's time for some international travel.  While a 22 hour flight doesn't usually make me chuckle, Capricorn will be digging everything this month.  You also have a big competitive advantage over the rest of us schmucks, so get going on something where you could do with having an edge on us.  Susan reckons you're going to have two months of getting precisely what you want most, so best you sit down now and scheme up exactly what that is.  You're going to have to balance a number of things but you'll succeed if you can push yourself to a more sophisticated level. 

Nothing peps up a boring travel outfit like a gorgeous pair of earrings, so chuck these on with a basic tee and some stretchy pants to up your chances of an upgrade.  Plus, also perfect in the board room later in the month! 

Source:  Zoe and Morgan


Aquarians are not renowned for being big thinkers when it comes to financial matters, but this month is the perfect time to give these things real thought.  Negotiate for more money and you'll get it - in fact, Susan says "it would be a shame not to ask for a substantial raise - it looks like you will get it". Hooray!  However, with more money comes more responsibility, so enjoy the social scene in the first half of the month and prepare to buckle down in the second half.  As the month closes, don't be a jerk. Say thanks for the support to all the people who helped you on the path to this richer, more successful you. 

You're going to play hard ball this month, so channel a little Wonder Woman with this cuff bracelet.  When you put both hands flat on the table in a power pose, you're giving yourself a 5% uplift in salary immediately.  That's how it works, right?

Source:  Joanna Campbell


You're having a great month, fishy friends, which is nice since it's close to your birthday.  Your wishes are coming true and love is in the air (and being expressed).  You're going to feel super inspired by the world around you this month, and have some strong collaborators. However! Don't sign up to anything in the last week of the month (pesky Mercury) and watch out for a big bill at the end of the month. 

Since you're feeling inspired by the world, why not carry something beautiful from Mother Nature with you?  This flower pendant is full of details that only the natural world can create.