Leather Pants Are All I Need This Winter

Leather Pants Are All I Need This Winter

At some point, I formed the view that a pair of leather pants would be game-changing.  They’re weekend appropriate but also weekday appropriate, they’re warm, they’re wind and rain proof (mostly) and I welcome anything that will allow me to feel like a bad-ass without me actually having to be bad-ass in any way. 


However, are you aware that leather pants cost approximately 10 billion dollars?  I did some research to find a great pair to save up for, but my heart wasn’t really in it.  All the styles were super skinny, and I have a waist to hip ratio that makes non-stretch trousers in a fitted style kind of a nightmare.  I tried on some pleather pants at Storm, but they were just meh.  It seemed my dream of wearing pants made of leather would never come true.  Then I remembered.  The internet also sells old things! 


I actually found my first pair of leather pants at Savemart.  They’re brown, Ashley Fogel from (I’m guessing) the 90s, and they were $13.  This was an exciting day, and after I used my best tricks to remove the “old leather” smell, I felt very pleased.  I had discovered something important – leather pants are best on me in a more retro cut, where they’re high-waisted with a straight leg (almost a boyfriend cut).  Now that I had a pair to use as a reference, I went to TradeMe to see if I could find a pair in black.  That’s where I found this pair for $39.

Here's another six auctions in case you want a pair too: 


These are lined to about mid calf, and when they showed up they were too long for me.  Great news about leather is that you can hem it by cutting it with sharp scissors, then folding the hem down with good quality double-sided tape (leather doesn’t fray, and the tape means there’s no stitching disrupting the leather).  The other great news about high-waisted leather is featured in the photo above.  Look at my butt! That’s how I’d like my butt to look at all times – perfectly highlighted and therefore looking curvy (actual butt appearance may vary).


Outfit-wise, I anticipate some of you will be going “but Megan, why don’t you style outfits in a way that is more normal, aka something one could wear to the office”.  The good news is, I did wear this to the office (and that’s how I can vouch for my leather pants = warm theory).  Let’s all take a moment for my workmates who are victims of this fashion parade on a daily basis.  Let’s also reflect on the time I told a new team member I liked her dress and this dialogue unfolded:

New team member: “Thanks! I was worried it might be a bit much for work”

Me: “But then again, you work in my team and *gestures at whatever insanity I was wearing that day*”

New team member: “That’s what I thought!”

Usually when they say dress like your boss they mean wear a suit.  In my team it means “yes, you may absolutely wear a tshirt featuring a cat flying through space on it this Friday.  I don’t really understand why you’re checking with me”.


This wrap blouse with the huge gathered sleeves and pearl detail is from Chili on Cuba Mall here in Wellington.  As we know, I love a big bow and it checked the boxes for my “contrast tough leather pants with girly extravaganza” plan.   If you’re a smallish girl living in Wellington, this shop is for you, thanks to the high representation of Korean brands (and if you’re not smallish, the stock does go up to larger sizes).  My bag is the Fluffy Bluff and if you follow me on Instagram Stories, you will be sick of seeing this bag and my Peregrine Crossbody on hardcore rotation.  I am sorry, they are great bags and this one in particular delights me.