Beauty Mode | Favourite Lips

Beauty Mode | Favourite Lips

I'm committing to this beauty blogger thing, by creating a post that just features eight photos of my face.  

I've mentioned on the blog before that I am a fan of a statement lip for a bit of a pick me up, but even when I'm keeping it more subtle I like to wear something on my lips.  Just for gags, I thought I'd round up my favourite lip products of the moment.  Added bonus, comparing the colours on my face with exactly the same outfit and lighting is a great way to witness the difference a lipstick can make.

The true hero of this post is the Simple face wipes (micellar version).  One of those wipes took off all the lipstick between each photo with ease and didn't destroy my lips.  Hurrah!



I feel like the humble lip gloss was forgotten for a minute while everyone lost their mind over a matte formulation, but I'm here to remind you that they are the best.  I know we've all been traumatised by an unnecessarily sticky gloss, but we live in the future now and that's not an issue anymore.  They're particularly great in dry weather - like winter - and while I note my short hair means I don't deal with the "hair in the lip gloss" situation that has plagued women for decades, look, may I suggest a hat?

On the left, Kiehls Butterstick Lip Treatment in Pop of Peony.  Feels exactly like a balm, with a lovely colour pay off.  Perfect for stashing in your bag in case of lipstick-related emergencies.  Has a slightly lemony fragrance to it thanks to the lemon butter but that's barely noticeable. $34 but since Kiehls is in Farmers now I just wait to have a Farmers Club voucher to burn.  

On the right, HAN Skin Care Cosmetics all natural lip gloss in Peachy Nude.  I picked this up at Life Pharmacy in a fit of experimentation.  It describes itself as "healthy and natural", which is good news for something you put on your mouth.  A light peachy colour, with a mild vanilla smell.  Enjoyable as a weekend option or for days when I want something sheer and peach (as opposed to the pink of the Butterstick).  $27, which is about average for chemist level lipstick in New Zealand. 



This is the lipstick family I reach for the most often because, at my core, I am a lazy beauty blogger.  I consider the nude family to encompass any colour that doesn't require me to be careful about where my lip line is, which is a fairly large category.  I wear these a lot because I wear a lot of flamboyant colour and, generally speaking, I don't need my face to compete with my outfit. 

On the left, Chanel Rouge Coco in 468 Michele.  This love affair kicked off because I owned Mademoiselle from the same formulation family, which is a soft pink, and I strolled up to Chanel one day and asked for "the same thing, but peach".  Well done Chanel salesperson, you nailed it and now I am even more loyal for life to these lipsticks.  The only downside to an entirely perfect lipstick is the fragrance, which I will call rose, but generally just reminds me of the smell of elderly rich women.  Otherwise, it's witchcraft in a tube, which might be why (according to the internet) it's around $70 (yes, I am also surprised I spent that much on a lipstick, but tbh when it's gone I'll be buying it again).

On the right, L'Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer in 101 Gone with the Nude.  Kind of like a lip paint, you apply this with a doe foot applicator.  It smells fruity, and it's really nice and densely pigmented.  Next to Michele it looks sort of grey, but IRL it is a rich nude without any hint of pink.  The thing I love the most about this is that it's amazing on dry lips - I thought a lacquer would be awful, but it smoothes the lip beautifully to hide any texture.  $26, and at that price I'd consider buying another colour. 



I'm going out on a limb here, and say I hate pink lipstick.  With the exception of my (not pictured) hideously expensive Chanel option, something about my base lip colour/face/approach to human existence means that pink lipsticks look vivid and jarring.  There are two ways to solve this, both demonstrated above. 

On the left, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sassy Mauve.  I bought this for three reasons: I'm sassy, I used to have a beloved mauve lipstick but eventually had to chuck it due to...smell...and because it's pink but not really pink.  It's definitely got that purple element that is required in order to call it mauve.  Lovely moisturising formulation and can be worn either softly blended or with maximum layers for more punch.  $27. 

On the right, another Revlon product.  This is the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Obsession.  I love this colour, and I like it in this velvet matte formula.  It's a definite favourite, but there's a few down votes from me.  First up, it reeks of artificial strawberry, like the smell of those pink dairy milk yoghurts I was never allowed to eat as a child.  It's not unpleasant, it's just really unnecessarily strong.  Secondly, it's one of those products you can't layer too much.  Usually I need to fully remove it at least a couple of times per day and start over, otherwise it's all I can feel on my face and it becomes disgusting. As I say though, I can deal with that for the colour.  $30. 



I'm going to make a broad proclamation here folks - every woman should have a red lipstick in her life that she loves. It's an ultimate power move for your face and, contrary to some bullshit I've read online, you do not need perfect skin to wear red.  If these photos weren't so overexposed due to my questionable portraiture skills, you would be able to see the various visitors that popped up in the two days prior to a photo shoot. 

On the left, the more autumnal red, which is L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge in Persistent Plum.  As you can see, on me this doesn't pull fully plum - it's more russet (I think, anyway).  The reason I love this is because it sets - it's amazing.  It does feel a bit sticky if you push your lips together, but the colour stays where it sets.  Still comes off easily with my Simple wipes, but I find this is best if you're planning to eat.  It's also a very dense pigment, so a little goes a long way.  $29

I saved the best for last.  This is my ride or die lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure in 99 Pirate.  Look at it - it's majestic.  If you've ever seen me wearing a red lip on this blog, it will be this.  Mine is less fragranced than the Chanel lipstick I talked about above, but it's also older, so not sure how much that is just time.  It's not as densely pigmented, which I like because it lets me do more of a stain or a sheered out option, but you can build it up to full opacity with ease too.  Hydrating, doesn't make my lips peel, I love this and will buy it again and again.  The Rouge Allure Velvet formulation is also very good, but not as good as this.  The downside is it's around the $70 mark, so I strongly recommend a purchase in Duty Free.  

That's it team - more of my face than you could ever possibly hope to see, plus eight recommendations for lipsticks to try out this weekend (and proof that good lips don't have to be $70, but can).  What's your favourite lippy - I'd particularly love to hear about natural and cruelty free options please!