Beauty Mode | Hair History

Beauty Mode | Hair History

I have very curly, very distinctive hair.  I grew myself some ringlets as a child and they have stuck by me through the subsequent 35 years.  It's not easy hair to have, unless the look you're going for is "deranged" or "1980s volume" (the latter will come back into style at some point and then it will be my time to shine).  Nowadays I keep it cropped, but following a chat with a fellow short hair convert on the weekend, I thought it would be fun/hilarious/humbling to look back at a short history of my hair.

IMG_20180509_0005 c.jpg

Firmly in the 80s here, and rocking the exact haircut I have now (just without all the product I put in it now).  Turns out I had the right haircut all along.  Great stuff.  Please note how the sun on Kieran's unbelievably blonde hair is giving him the appearance of a mean widow's peak, thus making him look like a tiny balding psychotherapist.   Please also note that our Mum appears to have coordinated our outfits. 

IMG_20180509_0006 c.jpg

Obviously, the best thing in this photo is my tshirt.  Putting that aside, we see the introduction of hair clips, which very much aligns with my memory of having clips in school and having particular favorites.  Also featuring the dark under-eye circles that plague me to this day. 

IMG_20180509_0004 c.jpg

This appears to be Eliot's 5th birthday party which explains why he looks so smug/suave and why Kieran is crying (not the centre of attention).  Seriously, Eliot is *this close* to finger guns and a cocked eyebrow in this photo.  It's 1990, and I have graduated from hairclips to the half-up style that I continued to wear, on and off, into my 20s. 

IMG_20180509_0008 c.jpg

SPEAKING OF THE 90s - here I am dressed up teen-style for my 6th form ball.  I would have been 16 years old, and despite my expression here, I felt very pretty.  I loved those two tendril ringlets pulled out in front of my ears (I was still very self-conscious of my sticky-out ears) and the hairdresser piled up all my ringlets with a string of small multicoloured glass beads.  It was medieval-lite and I loved it. 

IMG_20180509_0007 c.jpg

To university! I took with me shoulder length ringlets and I kept them for the entire five years I was studying.  Using my patented Boyfriend Calendar, I estimate this to be 2003 so although I look about 14, I was in fact about 20.  During this time, I sometimes cut my hair myself which is a TERRIBLE IDEA. My hair was a pain in my ass and I longed for the shiny, thick and wavy (not curly!) hair that about 0.002% of the population is blessed with.  I was smart enough to know that straightening my hair wasn't the answer.  I was very awkward. 

IMG_20180509_0002 c.jpg

The holiday that ended the big hair.  I went away with some friends (I think in about 2007) and my hair got absolutely nailed by the combination of sun, salt water and the low-level abuse it had experienced for the previous 25 years.  I came back and decided it was time to address the situation.  Which brings us to...


The long-ish bob!


So if you're counting along, I grew it out to just below shoulder length at some point in the early 90s and I stayed there (with occasional style breaks) until around 2007.  Then I had it cut into this bob that was longer at the front than at the back, and kept it like that until 2014ish.  From 2014 to 2015 I slowly had it cut shorter and shorter, (I can't find any photos of this, which is weird) until I one day lost patience with the annoying side bits and my hairdresser and I decided to go full crop.  Now we live here.  


Definitely better than 2003.  Now to let 10 years elapse before I change it up again!