Winter Prints

Alternative title: holy moly I’m already so pale

There’s a weird number of rules in fashion, as we’ve discussed previously, and several of those rules are about what size print you should wear, and what colours you should wear depending on your skin tone and the season.   I’m on the small size, so I’m supposed to wear smallish prints to stay in proportion to my body.  Pfffff, as my friend Julie would say.  It’s also winter, so we’re all supposed to be wearing burgundy and black, regardless of preference, because they’re the correct seasonal colours.  This latter concept may be the biggest rort in fashion; the idea that you buy clothes in different colours depending on the time of year is insane, when you actually examine it.


Regardless, I’m a fan of wearing colour and print in winter to keep things less…blah.  It’s dark for most of the day in winter, so when the sun is actually up I would like to be wearing something that makes the most of it!  My bright red coat is currently in hard rotation, and this print dress is another awesome winter option.  I work inside all day, so I’m fairly relaxed about wearing a thin, breezy dress even in this “feels like -1” weather we’re having.  As the temperature drops, all it takes is the trusty combo of black opaque tights + thermal socks + boots to keep your feet warm and dry (I also keep a merino wrap on the back of my chair at work because someone put a stairwell through the centre of our building, which means my desk and the outside world are essentially right next to one another #science).


I was really attracted to this print for two reasons: awesome flora (like the Bird of Paradise) and excellent colour balance.  I love the mixture of a soft background colour with the variously rich and sour coloured print, which also lends itself to coordinating it with a variety of complementary colours.  You know my theory – the more colours a print contains, the more wearable it becomes. These shoes are a match made in heaven for this dress, so they get by far the most wear, plus they’re the most solid option for this belt.  Sans belt, this dress looks like a flamboyant nightgown, which could honestly be a strong look once the warmer weather is back in town and breezier options are more desirable.  This belt also definitely needs another hole punched in it for maximum cinching effect – I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to the next go round of the trend for low-slung belts.  Perhaps as a function of the current Western trend?


In the name of full disclosure, as I write this particular post I’m dressed entirely in wool, and hilariously I’m wearing both black and burgundy – my entire outfit is, as it turns out, a winter-only option.  However, this outfit is also a function of a morning where I lay in bed reading my Kindle until about 10 minutes after my ideal get-out-of-bed-time, so it’s boring for a reason – laziness.  Generally speaking, I think it’s a better idea to buy clothes that can be worn across the majority of the year, and then warm them up or cool them down in the way that you style them.  My Gorman dress is a great example, because it’s perfect with a turtleneck jersey underneath it.  Slip dresses with chunky jumpers are another favourite; button down shirts with a secret woollen camisole underneath; just many, many layers.  And then you can look forward to a simplified change of seasons in your wardrobe – put away your shorts and swimwear, get out your jerseys and thermal socks. Hurrah!