Spring Update - Part Three - NZ Design

Spring Update - Part Three - NZ Design

We've hit up the high street and fossicked through our own wardrobes, and now it's time for part three - what have some NZ designers got to offer us this spring?  I've done a whip through of the bits and pieces that have caught my eye in recent times.  Now, clearly I am not a lunatic, so I won't be buying everything on this list...but a few of these might find their way home with me over the course of the summer. 

I'm always keen to hear about NZ designers, so let me know in the comments what you're coveting this springtime.  Don't forget, one dress from a Kiwi is worth ten dresses from a multinational conglomerate, so save your pennies and buy wisely this year! 

Oh I am a big fan of these shoes.  Kathryn Wilson has used this fabric in a variety of styles, but this mule really says "please pass me a gin and a silk robe because I am the lady of this house and I'm ready to lounge about alluringly".  Yellow is still having its time in the fashion trend sun; however, as we know I think lots of colours in a print usually means lots of things to match with this.  I can totally imagine these with my white jeans and a basic tee for a bit of pep in my step, or teamed up with my new dress from Summers by Aida Maeby (see below) for total summer show-stopping colour!  

Oh god I think I have to buy these now.  Damn. 

I own the Onyx Spinner necklace from Cathy Pope thanks to a timely birthday cash injection just before she brought her pop up to Wellington, and it's a very beautiful piece of jewellery indeed.  The quality is, seriously, beyond description.  This plain but bold necklace would be the perfect summer option, layered over classic tees or with a white shirt over a bikini (a girl can dream, okay?). Best of all, it's a classic style so won't date in a year or two when the styles move on from boyfriend necklaces.

Hello, I already own this dress because I attended this photoshoot and it was all over for me the minute I set eyes on it.  The colour is exceptionally vivid, and as Wanda Harland's window demonstrated last week, it's ideal with navy blue.  What do I love?  That's right! Navy blue in all its forms.  The beautiful double strap detail and the drop waist make this linen dress special, and it's going to be ace with the new season colours.  Plus, imagine this over your togs with a pair of jandals in the height of January hols - so easy, and yet none of the "I've given up because I've been on holiday with the kids and my husband for a week and I wish I could just sleep forever" vibes.  

I strongly suspect these sunglasses would look terrible on my specific face, but man I am curious to find out.  I love their square shape as well as the peachy tint of their lenses, and I think they make a great update to the absolutely endless parade of cat eye and Ray Ban Wayfarer shapes that have been my best options for the past...ten years.  These are a collab between Karen Walker and Madewell, and not cheap as a result, so they will remain a pipe dream for this chronic dropper of sunnies.  However, if you can be trusted to look after your stuff and are in the market for a new pair, give these a whirl. 

Look, I just love hot pink.  I think these disc bags from Helen Miller (also available in less colourful options) are a perfect summer bag, with their fun linings and crossbody straps.  I want minimal luggage as I breeze through the hot months, and I can definitely see me kicking back in a cami, pair of Levis and this bag at brunch on Oriental Parade this year.  Definitely big enough for the essentials, and perfect if you find yourself on an unplanned adventure (I'd take this guy to Disneyland if I could). 

La Fille Fantome has been on my radar for ages but unfortunately I currently have limited use for silk blindfolds and other sexy fripperies.  HOWEVER, this cami, which they apparently intend to be nightwear, is my idea of a perfect summer tank.  You may want a spray tan for this, I will not lie, but I'm seeing a "straight from bed to brunch" opportunity here and I hope to embrace it fully.  If you can wear this without a bra then I think that would look lovely; for my fuller busted babes then the next option might be a good combo with this. 

Lonely has cult status for its lingerie for a reason, and this gorgeous set is a key example.  I love the floral lace, and with this much coverage I'd encourage you to bust this out under something very slightly sheer.  I have a white viscose dress that's singing out for just the right undergarments, and these pants might well be a contender.   Nothing says "summer" to me quite like simple dresses and sensible pants, the perfect way to feel breezy at a picnic but also totally confident that rogue gusts of wind won't reveal anything you'd rather conceal. 

Animal print is coming down the pipe again as a trend, and this Juliette Hogan shirt in a "Leo" print is one of the best versions of animal print I've personally ever seen.  It's a beautiful painterly print, with a sophisticated palette of colours giving the shirt something extra.   I'd wear it with a million things - white jeans, my 501s, my Made skirt in that dingy brown, with black wide legged culottes and with a pink PVC skirt...and that's just off the top of my head.  Plus, this colour palette is just right for trans-seasonal wear, taking it through the year as a great all round option. 

Last year I bought my lemon print shirt from CryCryCry (it's on sale now! Go go go!) so naturally I was keen to see what was new and this sucker for blue and white was immediately drawn to this dress.  You could wear this everywhere.  Work? Yes.  Out on the weekend? Yes.  A friend's wedding?  Sure thing.  Down at the beach with some sandals?  Absolutely.  I insist that the person who buys this dress also buys a beautiful straw hat to complete the look, preferably featuring a blue and white ribbon, okay thanks. 

Finally, this piece is the summer version of the same thing I lusted over in black in winter.  God, I think this is so cool and these styling images are not helping me to exercise self control.  I am only held back by the very real concern that I lack the edginess to wear what is, essentially, a bum bag, but this brown (almost burnished) option is slowly convincing me that I could at least give it a go.  You could wear it as here, or cinch in a midi-length dress and bowl around hands-free.  Definitely worth a closer look this summer, that's for sure. 

So there you have it guys - ten of the things I'd buy this summer from our very own designers if money were absolutely no object.  Sadly, I gotta keep paying rent and my gym membership, so I'm going to have to pick very carefully indeed.  Again, let me know in the comments below what you're eyeing up so far this season and tell me about any great designers you think I'd love!