I'm Calling It: Pastel Tweed is Actually Great

I'm Calling It: Pastel Tweed is Actually Great

Truthfully, I can’t quite put my finger on when pink tweed a là this jacket was last popular, but I was watching The Fashion Fund on Netflix the other night and Anna Wintour was wearing a tweed suit that was FIRE – but not pink.  So I think this look, which makes me think of Legally Blonde, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, might be an early 2000s job – regardless, it’s been in Fashion Siberia for a bloody long time.

One might reasonably ask, then, “Megan, you lunatic, why did you buy a jacket that you’ve just told me is passé?”.  Well, let me paint you a picture, dear reader.  ‘Twas my holidays from work, and I thought I’d drop off a few bits of donations to Salvation Army and then of course, took a stroll through the fashion and homewares.  I was JOLLY excited to find two wooden apples to add to my décor schema (best described as “everything in wood unless it’s weird homemade pottery”).  Then I spied this blazer for a princely $7.


I tried it on for a bit of a joke (easily entertained, I know) but once it was on, there was something…alluring…about it.  In fact it’s hanging on the rail next to me in my office right now, and it just lustrous and the perfect shade of pink, and it makes me feel a very real happiness.  That is my hard core love of fashion there, but truly, I think pastel tweed might actually be…great.  Particularly for our special kind of spring, where it’s bloody freezing and you feel a true hatred for Wellington and then there’s ONE beautiful day, perfectly timed to prevent you from leaving town and never returning AMIRIGHT


However, I think the key to making a comeback with pastel tweed is finding a way to wear it that isn’t all low-slung jeans and bedazzled tank tops and kitten heels. SIDE NOTE: I tried on a pair of jeans at an op shop while I was on leave that were an amazing grey cropped culotte style denim but were clearly from the 90s because – and brace yourself for TMI – had I not been wearing knickers, you would have been able to see a solid 50% of my pubic region, if you will.  WTF 90s, what the actual fuck.  Did not purchase.


Here I’ve thrown together a weird hybrid casual look.  I’m not sure, actually, where I would wear this – maybe out for a casual dinner? – because I can’t wear ripped jeans to work but this feels too dressy for the weekend, even by my standards.  The point, though, is that it marries a few key elements to revitalise the pastel tweed jacket:

  • These marigold yellow shoes are (a) a current trend colour and (b) a current trend shape/style

  • I didn’t want to be too girly, so please enjoy these jeans.  Those rips are the result of a solid 10 years’ of ownership, so don’t @ me about buying jeans with excessive wear. 

  • This is my favourite Stine Goya tshirt, which features a peach print that is almost like a highly realistic painting.  I love it very much, but please don’t wear tshirts weirdly side-tucked like I have here, because it has given me a weird shape

  • ORANGE lipstick. I wanted to bring out the sunny, hot colours in the shoes and the print in the tshirt as a counterpoint to the pink.  I was clearly paranoid about being too girly-girl in this thing


So there it is – I’m on board.  I’m actually QUITE excited to wear this with white jeans and a lilac tshirt and my white sandals for just a full lean in to the look. Also grand over a beige linen dress with sling-backs and a long strand of freshwater pearls if you want to keep it hella traditional (and you know that I will).  What other looks will I find from my youth that I love and want to redux?  Stay tuned.