Spring Update - Part One - High Street

Spring Update - Part One - High Street

While I'm a raging snob who loves vintage and NZ made/designed clothes above all else, I am not an idiot.  I realise that actually, most of us do not live in a hot spot of said vintage and NZ made, and also, some of us would like to pay a normal amount for a piece of clothing.  A jacket does not need to cost either $7 or $700, and wouldn't it be great if (a) your size was almost certain to be available and (b) you could return the item if you experienced buyer's remorse! 

To that end, I've rounded up a few bits from what I'm going to call the high street, complete with links, in case you too are in the mood to  stave off this hideous spring storm with a bit of comfy retail therapy from the couch. 

This dress hits it out of the park with two major spring time trends - yellow and linen.  If I had the head for hats I'd buy a straw hat and a pair of espadrilles and I'd be out and about in this on the very first sunny Saturday that came my way.  Also fabulous with a pair of beat up old Converse sneakers and a holiday in Rome. 

These linen mules are the perfect spring/summer neutral shoe for a city dweller and the swooping cut of the mule means they are roomy for those of us with less than narrow tootsies.  The circular heel is a nice modern update, but realistically if you look after these you'll be wearing them for a couple of summers at least.  I snapped these up with some hotpoints vouchers and can't wait to wear them with my favourite Levis 501s and the veritable army of warm weather dresses in my wardrobe. 

Nautical jewellery is all in this season (and I mean oceanic, rather than nautical maybe - like, seashells etc).  These earrings are a chic take on the trend that, again, you can wear season after season.  I'm still sold on statement earrings but there are occasional days/outfits/moods that call for something less subtle than a massive cockle shell stuck to your earlobe.  These are on my wishlist and if I manage to do anything successful in the next month or two, I will scoop them right up! 

Look, I realise it makes me a basic b*tch but I love white denim in summertime.  It's frigging difficult to find a pair that are not see through and a flattering, not-too-tight cut, but in a flash of fashion inspiration (fash-spiration? no) I decided to try this pair from ASOS.  Those are clearly man legs and feet and hands, but girl let me tell you these are great jeans.  Rigid, thick denim and a cut that looks pleasingly boyish.  I'll be having the pockets removed (they're very slightly visible through the denim) but they're otherwise perfect for wearing with a variety of shirts, including both my pale pink linen shirt and any and all white shirts (I own...many). 

If you want a cheap and cheerful entry into a trend, you can do a lot worse than AS Colour tshirts (stop me if you're bored of my commitment to these tshirts).  The Maple tee is the best, and since lilac is a major colour trend this season you can do a lot worse than throwing down $22 for a basic tee that will freshen up the colour palette. They're also stocking a pretty peach that will be a great pairing with red, for those who love that clashy option as much as me. 

Speaking of tshirts, I offer you this number from Just Jeans.  I know we've never let go of the French girl cool thing, but I swear it's back with an uncomfortable degree of intensity this season.  For some reason, there's a truly immense number of slogan tees out on the market featuring French this year, many of which make me cringe, but this guy takes my fancy.  "Oui" seems like the perfect slogan for springtime, and the seed beads give it a great summery vibe.  Perfect with white jeans (THAT'S RIGHT) or with the bright mustardy yellow that's out and about this year. 

If you've been reading along, you know that florals are big this season but that I have very mixed feelings about that.  This dress is in my "florals I can cope with" category, and the only things preventing me from purchasing it are (a) the price is a little high for a lady who does not need another dress any time soon and (b) it will never fit my fashion tits and I can't go around wearing a gapey dress for that price.  Love the colours, love the detail in the florals and very much think it would be a perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding. 

I would consider buying this at Witchery this year, though.  Somehow this website image is making this top look less excellent than it looks in person, which is a rich, thick cream satin.  Perfect for wearing with cropped wide legged trousers for a bit of elevation, or untucked over a pair of cigarette trousers for a classic look.  I like a good mix of classic purchases each season, to make sure that I'm getting some good cost per wear from my buys, and this is one you can imagine thrashing at work for a few years yet. 

*gently sobs*

Mi Piaci has killed it with their new season shoes this year.  I lust after many, many pairs but these are the current stand out for me (there's also a pastel yellow in the collection that I just...yes).  I'm trying to be strong and not buy ANY trendy summer shoes this year, so lilac is definitely out, especially since I already have a pair of lilac high heels that should cover all my lilac shoe needs for the foreseeable future.  However, if I have a little windfall somehow then I can see my willpower being seriously eroded here.  Gosh I love these. 

Thus concludes part one of the spring wardrobe update - stay tuned for part two (what I'll be wearing again from my wardrobe) and part three (spring updates from non-high street labels) coming later in the week xx