One Pair of (Splurge) Shoes Worn Five Ways

As we know, I have developed the excellent Frivolous Things approach to fashion budgeting, which generally holds me in good stead.  I plan my purchases, wait for sales, have a wish list, and try to keep impulse purchases to the op shop because a $18 pair of vintage leather trousers from time to time is okay, budget-wise.  But sometimes that all goes out the window and I just BUY A THING IMMEDIATELY EFF WAITING FOR A SALE.

These shoes are that thing.


I first saw these Kathryn Wilson shoes in I Love Paris in Wellington, and if you watch my Instagram Stories (modeandmethodology), then you know I was very very in love with them.  But also a bit cautious because they were $279, not in the Frivolous Things plan, not on the wish list (even generically), I needed a new pair of mules like I needed a hole in the head, etc.  The problem was, once I’d seen them I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I actually had a dream about them. Honestly, I was screwed from the moment I laid eyes on them.


My critical error was going into the Kathryn Wilson store in Britomart to visit them.  Then trying them on (do not try on things you already like).  Suffice to say, I walked out with a pair and a happy heart and an unplanned $279 hole in my bank account.  I don’t think $279 is insanely expensive for a pair of shoes, but it’s not the kind of money I would want to burn through without planning it every week.  See also: I have enough shoes. 


Now, I’m a lady with a good job and no dependents – and I don’t buy the newest iPhone, I’m happy eating cheap but delicious eats around Wellington – so I can totally absorb the occasional impulse splurge.  However, it’s a bad habit and I know that some of y’all will also have fallen afoul of it from time to time.  So I thought I’d justify my purchase via this blog post – what do you do when you impulse purchase some shoes? You prove that they are in fact Very Very Versatile.


These shoes are what I call an anti-basic (separate blog post coming soon on this theory).  Although they look totally statement and over the top, they are a hero item that are going to get thrashed (in the nicest possible way) for the entire spring and summer.  Here’s why they’re worth the impulse acquisition:

  1. They are very comfy.  I’m not over here buying shoes that hurt me or are unwalkable for real money. If I’m splurging, I want to feel like I could walk forever in these guys.

  2. They are multi-coloured.  We all know my “more colours = more combos” philosophy of prints.  These can be paired with a bajillion things!

  3. Look, they are clearly very trendy.  They are a trend colour, in a trend style.  But somehow, they’re also classic.  I sometimes think the more statement something is, the more versatile it becomes.  I can totally see these being hoarded for 40 years (fingers crossed my feet stay basically the same size and shape)

  4. They are seriously lovely.  That fabric! The gorgeous knot across the top of the foot which reveals just the right proportions!  Great design and high quality manufacturing (by a NZ brand!) is worth paying for. 

  5. If these had sold out, I would have been cross about it for MONTHS.  Some things you just have to pull the trigger on (see also: my peach corduroy trousers from Kowtow which would also look amazing with these shoes).


To prove their excellent versatility, I’ve styled them up with four additional outfits in the galleries below.  I kinda knew they would be great because my Mi Piaci x Miss Crabb yellow mules have been the wind beneath the wings of many outfits, but these four just rolled off the top of my brain.  I think they’d also look great with a pair of Stine Goya socks I own that I bought for ice skating but which are All Fashion…perhaps I’ll try styling that up for a blog post soon too!

I call this look “let’s just really lean into what’s going on here”. Hot pink, marigold yellow, and super bold pink earrings = hi yes, not for the faint of heart. Perfect for a sunny work day where you just know you’ll find yourself having a sneaky gin with a mate at lunchtime.

From the insanely bright to the perfectly white. I love an all-white look and these shoes add a great pop that stops me from looking like I think I’m working somewhere clinical. Banged on some basic gold hoops to bring a bit of pizzazz to the top and I’m ready to roll.

Let’s print mix! I love this thrifted skirt and decided some print-clashing was a good move. The red tee was intended to ground this but to be honest, looking at it again, I’d probably just lean into this with MOAH PRINT next time. Fun and flirty, great for a casual date.

And finally, who doesn’t love a good linen jumpsuit/dungaree set in the summer? I’m making the shoes the hero here again, but using this yellow belt to give the whole ensemble a bit more cohesion. I’d eat brunch in this (the belt has several holes so you could totally let it out a notch post-pancakes).

The dream shoes are the Carmel Heel by Kathryn Wilson, available here.

The dress in the main shots is the Emer Linen Dress by Summers the Label, available here.