Spring Update - Part Two - Shop Your Closet

Spring Update - Part Two - Shop Your Closet

I have a wardrobe that could charitably be described as "comprehensive", and it's a reasonable estimate that 70-80% of that wardrobe is spring/summer/autumn appropriate and the rest is just the jumpers and coats that I accept I have to wear in the real depths of winter. 

In the spirit of getting inspired for spring without spending an absolute fortune on things I do not need, I decided to whip out a few existing faves and see if I could style them in a new look.  I highly recommend this as a fun afternoon activity - even if you only do one or two outfits, it has reminded me of all the good bits and bobs in the closet and has me VERY excited for brunch outfits come December *sobs*.

Please pardon the amazing "blogger at home" quality of these photos, dear reader - this springtime storm is really playing havoc with an ability to take pictures outdoors/with reasonable lighting conditions!


First up, this silk blouse from Isaac and Lulu from last year, plus these denim chambray shorts from Seed (that I thrifted).  I cheated here with new shoes and new earrings, but the core of the outfit is the combination of the quite fancy top with the very unfancy shorts.  I have never worn this shirt casually like this, but I can see it becoming a strong weekend contender off the back of this look, and can't wait to wear it with my kickflares or a pair of white denim shorts.  These shorts are winner-winner, and they exist largely to be worn with my collection of white shirts and basic tees for hot summer days (please lord let it be a hot summer). 


I bought this shirt from CryCryCry Clothing last summer and have since changed out all the buttons to white.  I love the lemon print but had struggled with what to wear with it other than my one lovely skirt from Made.  I also bought these pants last summer - they're Elk from Wanda Harland - and my brain just never put this combo together.  It's an obvious combo, even more obvious in person, so who knows what was going on in my brain!  These are my only white shoes and I think white looks freshest and best with this, so perhaps I will have to hunt down a less hyper feminine white shoe for summer 2018/19.  Hmmmm. This is a definite work look - bring on the sunshine!


Back to brunch!  This tshirt from Wilson Trollope is several seasons old but in immaculate condition thanks to its superb manufacturing, while this navy leather skirt from Gorman (which I purchased at Recycle Boutique, thank you mystery lady who sold this) was an early winter purchase.  While I won't be able to wear leather in the height of the INCREDIBLY HOT summer I am praying for, here in Wellington leather is a good transitional option.  These mules are two summers old now, I think, and have a gorgeous tortoiseshell heel.  They are not massively flattering on my untanned winter legs but by crikey, they are comfy! 


These pants from Ruby are proof I am sometimes an absolute idiot.  I bought them in the sage green first and thought I absolutely loved them, so proceeded to buy them when they went into the sale in the pale pink.  I absolutely struggle to wear them with flats because they have a dropped crotch, and the bum area can only be described as "hideous pancake".  HOWEVER.  I've had a break through in my personal style in the past year or so, which I call "I'll Wear Whatever Heel Height I Feel Like Even If It's The Weekend", so they're on course for a new lease of life with these el cheapo Therapy mules I bought last summer and this Adidas tshirt from TradeMe.  Sport-tastic, perfect for a nice Sunday lunch in the sun with mates, or (in my case) casual Friday near Christmas. 


Linen, it is everywhere this year but this dress I bought from ASOS three years ago is still my favourite linen option (despite being nowhere near the "button up dress with tortoiseshell buttons" trend machine).  It has rows of crochet and while the skirt is lined, the bodice is not (oooo-er, missus) so it does require a slip for work purposes.  Pencil skirts like this are bloody hard to walk in, but a pair of slides and a positive attitude should make it an easier task.  In past years I've gone for high high high heels for the leg lengthening effect, but I'm kinda digging this combination - it feels more holiday-esque, somehow.  Chucked on a seashell necklace that cost me $3 from the Salvos and a bead necklace I bought in Barcelona in 2010, and I was feeling ready for a day of securities markets. 


My favourite skirt of last summer is back!  I thought I'd wear this during winter but I was delusional - winter is cold, y'all.  This Saba bateau shirt has never been paired with something so flouncy but the combo with pops of yellow is probably my favourite look from this post, and going straight to the top of the list for the first warm day we have.  This is too dressy for a summer weekend (in my opinion) but a great option for a day in the office followed by a hot date (even if that's a hot date with your netflix account and some KFC).  These earrings don't get a great deal of wear but when they are in play, they are so good, and a perfect pairing with these Miss Crabb x Mi Piaci shoes from a year or two back.  Hoarding these for life, you guys - I took them straight to the shoe man to have heavy duty soles and the little metal toe caps put on them to protect them from wear and tear. 

So there you go - six brand new looks with just the addition of a pair of shoes and some earrings (both of which I could have done without, tbh).  Consider this a challenge to find ONE new outfit in your existing wardrobe, and if you can't, then well done you are not a ridiculous summer dress hoarder, unlike myself.  And everyone, please cross your fingers for an immediate improvement in the weather so I can start wearing this for real - many thanks!