One Shirt Five Ways

This all started because I was super unfit and physically weak from a total lack of exercise, so I decided to suck it up and start paying a personal trainer. Next thing I knew, I could deadlift 85kgs and none of my pants fit me…including my beloved wide legged red Moschino wool pants (crryyyyyy).

I included a plea for red pant options in my Instagram Stories and Deryn (of Deryn Schmidt) came through for me and let me know about a dream pair she had in stock. That was great news. My “mistake” was going into the store where I immediately saw multiple other things I liked. Long story short, I whittled it down to this shirt (and the pants).

Now, if you’re going to impulse-purchase a shirt then you better be planning to wear it immediately and frequently. I believe in a five outfit plan, with no jeans (jeans are cheating, because almost anything can be worn with jeans). Here is my evidence.


Look one is very “lady in springtime” so I guess I won’t be wearing it for nine months, but still. It’s in the mix. The beauty of this shirt, as we will see, is that it has just a ton of different colours in it, which makes it a dream to mix and match.

This huge fan of peachy chiffon is op shopped and the bag is a Trade Me steal. I kept the floral thing going with these earrings and then it really just felt like slingbacks were the right choice. Really on theme.


In a total 180, here’s an outfit you could comfortably wear to work pretty much any day and look appropriate. I love outfits like this (surprisingly) because I love a go-to outfit for days when I have to dress at the more professional end of the spectrum. I like to save my outfit building energy for days when I can be more creative. Navy pants are for external meetings.

Here I’m wearing navy wool trousers I thrifted, earrings I bought from Mimco last year and plain old nude heels.


Welcome to my library. Can I help you find a particular book?

Please note I am continuing to pop my sleeves out from under my cardigan because I have fully committed to that styling inspiration from the runways this year. I think of this as a nice in-between outfit: not casual like jeans, not as dressy as heels. It’s what I’d wear to a friend’s birthday dinner, maybe. A pair of comfy pants and a pretty shirt is essentially a solid any time option.

The pants are from The Iconic, ballet flats are the Claudia flats from Country Road (my faves). The cardi is from Uniqlo last year and the brooch is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop in Sydney. Nothing second hand! WHAT?!


True casual, and ideal for a weekend of bumming about the city or some kind of a town. I think I’d be down for this outfit if I was spending a weekend out of town doing a wine tasting or general coziness. This is the convenient thing about a cotton shirt - they can be worn much more casually if you untuck them (rolling up the sleeves is also a winner). You can see it’s nice and long in the back, which I like because you don’t get some kind of anaemic back hem that looks sloppy.

These pants are Everlane, bought on Trade Me. The sneakers are my beloved Stan Smiths, which are one of my best ever purchases. The jacket is an ASOS purchase from years ago - like most denim, the more I wear it the more I like it.


And finally, I thought about another skirt option but then this dress jumped out to me. I really liked that I could button it up to the top, and do the same with the shirt for a pleasing overlapped effect. Again, this is all down to the array of colours in the shirt; then it was simple matter of busting out these accessories in these pleasingly coordinated warm tones. I had to resist wearing my vintage snake belt - it would have been a bit too much.

This dress is Uniqlo from last year, the boots were from Ultra at least one year ago, and the satchel is…thrifted!

If you’ve ever seen me wear something on the blog (or on instagram) and you’d like to see if I can make five outfits utilising it, let me know. I’m up for the challenge!