What I'm Packing for New York

I am a Spoiled B*tch (TM) and have been out of the country three times this year already, and outing four is upon us. I’m off to New York! Will I come back? It’s a real 50:50 possibility I’ll just instruct my Mum to sell all my stuff on TradeMe and start my new life but either way, I wanted to pack some good Lewks.

On all my trips to Australia this year I’ve packed at the last minute and rued my entire life as a result. I packed terribly and then had to kind of make the best of it and although I bought some rad vintage bits and bobs that got me through the hard times, this time I was determined to be more organised. Cue: a blog post with a variety of outfits to keep me honest and force me to organise my shiz ahead of time.

Let’s hit it!


This is my travel outfit. Please note comfy but practical trousers and shoes, and then layers (including a large scarf, the most sensible of all travel items). My preferred carry-on is this tote bag. This ballet cardigan from Kowtow is basically made for being part of a travel uniform. Maximum basics for a long trip (see also: spare undies and a spare tshirt in my bag).


Same pants, different day. I’m off to some galleries or something! This oversized silk blouse from Trelise Cooper (that I bought secondhand at Madison Rose) is the most genius of travel buys because it folds up really small and it drops its creases quickly. Plus, the colour really pops. I like to take very few accessories but make them really statement, to get maximum bang for my buck. This wooden necklace from Elk is perfect.


Same blouse but here I was going for “it’s crucifyingly hot”. Maybe this will be what I wear to Central Park to lie in the shade of a tree and read one of the 10 books I’ve loaded onto my Kindle? TBD. One of the things I love about travelling to summer climes is that you can get away with a couple more shoe options than usual, thanks to the low profile nature of slides. You’ll see yellow/mustard is a recurring theme here and honestly, packing one colour as a hero through the entire thing is a great way to make your holiday wardrobe way more flexible.


See what I mean? Moah yellow! Bringing out the sneakers I wore on the plane for a big day of walking about, and a breezy top to keep the sun off my shoulders while I’m outdoors. I bought these big pearl drop earrings from Country Road not long ago and I think they’re perfect for this kind of thing, where they add a bit of pep to an outfit. I’ve seen some ace free walking tours so look forward to meeting a bunch of strangers for a stroll while dressed like this.


Not everyone is going to love these jeans (also picked up at Madison Rose) but by golly, they float my boat. I’ve layered the two wooden necklaces from previous looks for maximum effect but the mood will determine whether I wear them or just chuck on the earrings from above. The jeans have a yellow topstitch feature so I’ve gone full yellow with everything else. Perfect for a cooler day or a late evening.


Girl you know I’m not going anywhere without a white shirt in my suitcase. This vintage number SAVED MY LIFE in Sydney when I packed for much cooler weather than I experienced, so I’m taking it to the northern hemisphere too. Maximum tote bag for a day of thrifting, or shopping for presents. These nude coloured suede slides are unbelievably comfy and easy to pair back with other neutrals like these!


But what if I feel fancy???? Great question, I’ve packed this silk Cooper dress to cover that situation. These black slides have a slight heel and I think will be fine for a medium fancy outing in the summertime. Obviously I’d glam up the makeup and hair situation to get me over the line. I’m going for All Ballet Cardis All The Time on this trip, but am quietly hoping they won’t be required.


Let’s be honest, this is The Look. It’s separates - a tank and a pair of high waisted linen trousers - and I cannot wait to wear this precise get up. Cardigan for just in case, but I envision a day of meandering in this that ends with cocktails on a rooftop at sunset. This is Gorman (and a birthday present to myself).


Then I can easily switch out the top for this (or the yellow shirt, or the red cardigan worn closed) and get another entire look out of the pants. The tank also looks great with the jeans or with the pants I’m travelling in - and that’s the dream, to pack lots of things you can mix and match. As you can see, I don’t pack basics for travelling, and that’s because I want to feel put together while I’m strolling various city streets. Everything I’m packing is comfortable, but no I will not be wearing a backpack and one of those wallets you wear around your neck and tuck under your sweat-wicking tshirt.

So the round up is: three pairs of pants, a dress, four tops, two bags, two necklaces, a pair of earrings, three pairs of sandals (ahaha), a pair of sneakers, two cardigans, a denim jacket, a tote bag, and two pairs of sunglasses for just shy of two weeks. Compared to what I’d usually pull out of my wardrobe over a fortnight, that’s very good going. All I have to do now is cram it all into my carry on luggage (along with usual toiletries, underwear and socks) so I can put my carry on bag inside my checked in suitcase and arrive in New York with an empty suitcase. Bring on the vintage stores!