A birthday retrospective (from baby to babe?)

A birthday retrospective (from baby to babe?)

It's my birthday as I write this post, and I thought it would be entertaining to use this as an excuse to do a style retrospective of myself.  The strange thing about being a blogger who writes about personal style is that you're acutely aware that style is very changeable, so you're creating content that you will almost certainly look back on in 10 years and quietly die over.  Let's embrace it!  

Cover photo: the last time a hat was slightly too large on my generously proportioned noggin.  Please note excellent combination of pink and yellow, a style choice I continue to make to this day.   Mum appears to have a mullet, a matter we will need to address on our next phone call. 

Here we see me rocking the dungaree, with grandpa cardigan and optional plastic duck bike.  Although Mr Duck has tried hard to draw the spotlight with his snazzy bow tie, nobody can deny that dungarees with feeties is a strong look for me.  I returned to it three decades later.  Sadly, a feeties option wasn't available, but my shoe game was almost as good.

Power-posing before it was even a thing, here we see Megan in a "ready for holiday fun" combo of short shorts and the style of severely cut away singlet now favoured by overgroomed young men from Essex.  Note those red sneaks combining with the yellow shorts to invoke the McDonalds colour scheme - I'm lovin' it!  I note my haircut is almost exactly the same as my current "between a crop and a bob" transitional style but my 1980s tan is now long gone. 

(This is a bach we stayed at one summer.  My Mum will want me to clarify that we did not live in a terrible mess with curtains falling from the window). 

That playa life though.  Here I am on my fifth birthday with my "boyfriend", Matthew.  Please note that we are holding hands, and apparently conferred before the big day to make sure we were both dressed in Preppy Plus style (look at his cricket jumper, I mean).  I am impressed by my decision to wear so much white on a day that promised so much potential for spillage - the same reason why I will be wearing a wipe-clean outfit of vinyl on my wedding day. 

There's then a long gap between 5 and 17 (which is probably for the best).   In this photo circa 2000 I'm wearing my fave outfit of the era - long, somewhat flared dark denim jeans, with platform Pulp sandals made of some kind of heinous plastic, and a singlet top in a "special fabric".  Not a bad look for me, overall.  If I still had the casual lifestyle I had at 17, I'd buy this top again.  Those shoes though - I'd burn them in a fire if I wouldn't die from the fumes.  

BUT THEN THIS.  In my first year of Uni I moved away from home and bought this coat while unsupervised.  I remember vividly seeing it in Glassons and being desperate to buy it, I loved it.  Putting aside the plastic bag-ness of the fabric, you can see it's slightly too large, I put stuff in the pockets which really doesn't aid the endeavour, and I've gone for...that...hairstyle.  However! The top I'm wearing under that coat is one I still wear to this day.  Also, I laugh at my clothing rail of despair and that computer. 


In my 20s I went through quite a phase where I loved feeling a bit preppy.  I would have described my style as "classic with a twist" and nobody would have punched me in the face.  Maybe.  On the left, I'm at Trentham for the races.  Please note how carefully I coordinated my jewellery to my dress.  On the right, you can see me in my first ever vintage purchase - a yellow woollen skirt.  This skirt was The Best, and if it hadn't worn out completely - like the weave got looser and looser - I'd still own it to this day. 


I bought this skirt, which I understand is from a company in Germany that makes folk dancing costumes,  from a blueberry farm.  i can't take the credit though, since Julie spied it and brought it to me! I still have this skirt, and I'd still wear it in a similar way.  I'm also rocking the trademark blogger post before I even knew it was a thing. It was meant to be! 

Definitely some highs and lows, but I think this birthday retrospective has put my heart at ease for one reason - I loved all of the outfits I chose in this post when I wore them and thought I looked great (and I looked cute as a button as a baby, thanks Mum!).  Who cares if, in hindsight,  I might have been deluded?  #thatcoatthough #noregrets

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