Be Your Own Best Inspiration

As we know, it’s Secondhand September in the UK, and what better secondhand market is there than your own wardrobe?  The clothes are free, they should fit you and be colours that suit you (c’mon, I believe in you), and they are very much preloved.  By you.

You may be thinking “oh lord, not another idiot telling me to shop my closet, I don’t want to shop my own closet it’s a nightmare scenario”.  I understand.  My wardrobe is insane.  I own more blazers than any single person has any business owning. I’m still banned from buying any more white shirts, ever.   I am a big proponent of the “get in there and play dress ups” school of outfit development but sometimes we just need a more…detached approach to our existing wardrobes.  Essentially, I want to look at the clothes I own but I don’t want to look at them en masse.

The nightmare is compounded by what the actual herk is this weather what season is it because it doesn’t appear to be spring.  I just want to be warm.  If I have to wear my grey winter coat one more day in 2019 I am going to throw an adult tantrum and none of us want to see that.  I want to believe in sunnier days and that means it’s time for me to get into some real transitional dressing. 

All of this means: it’s time for me to #influence myself, and it’s time for you to #influence yourself.  Get in your photos and look at yourself wearing great outfits from a happier time.  I did, and rounded up ten transitional outfits that I’m very ready to bust out again this year.  This is entirely ideal for days when you’re on a time crunch but want a proven outfit.  If you’re not taking hundreds of photos of your outfits and posting them on Instagram I would suggest you at least start snapping a quick picture of any outfit you love and saving them in an album on your phone.  Alternatively, get a friend round to help you photograph a few outfit ideas one afternoon – I do this with my friend A, and then she sticks the Instax photos to her bedroom wall and is ready to roll for a whole new season!

I feel approximately 35% less annoyed by springtime, as I write this intro having gazed upon myself in sunnier weather, so I seriously recommend it as an option. Plus, now is the hour to start planning a few springtime soirees, so get inspired to scrub the barbecue, with a glance through your personal archives.

I remember putting together this outfit last year and feel genuinely enthused to completely rip it off again some time soon. If it’s a bit nippy I can throw on my fluffy fur jacket. Nothing is more sustainable than repeat-wearing things you bought secondhand in the first place!

I now own these green trousers in cobalt blue as well, and I’m trying to imagine how they’d look with a hot pink jacket and a basic tee. My mind’s eye says “bloody brilliant” - it’s great option to mix it up but keep the same proportions as this shot!

These Kowtow jeans no longer fit me so looking at this photo of an outfit I really enjoyed is somewhat sad. I have a replacement pair of red jeans, scored on TradeMe (but not from Kowtow) that are a bit longer and drapier - thanks 90s Tencel - so I might have to give them the chop and see if I can recreate this.

Just going to wear this exact combo again. Probably 400 more times, because I have worn it several times and it continues to be a firm fave. There’s something about this top that I absolutely love - it’s living proof that you should ABSOLUTELY take a gamble at the op shop from time to time.

Yes, I would freeze to death in this, but not if I layer my dark brown leather coat over the top and switch out those kitten heels for more of a closed shoe. I like the idea of a bland, tonal look like this for a day when you want to feel calm and in control. Plus these pants are dang voluminous and I am a fan of a baggy trou.

Man, I remember this day - the devastation of those shoes breaking was very real. Luckily for me, the cobbler was able to fix them so I’ll be whipping up this little option again. My belt collection has expanded over the years, so I’m keen to try this with a different set of accessories…and maybe even a different shirt, to make the palette warmer?

Throw me my puffer jacket because I’m off to spend time with my godchildren and I need to be comfy with a twist. Who says you can’t wear a silk blouse with sneakers? This is a good reminder of an outfit for the weekend when I’m feeling uninspired but CANNOT bring myself to wear 501s with a jumper for the 10 millionth time.

Ahhhhh this lemon shirt. I now have the BEST white vintage slingbacks, and a pair of baggy trou in the colour of this skirt, so I’m going to steal this colour palette from myself and give it a twist for the cooler weeks still ahead. Jam a cardi on and you’re ready to roll!

I have not been wearing my ties enough, so I officially challenge myself to wear one this month. This skirt barely fit me at the time, and is long gone from my wardrobe (I just want skirts I can wear while eating a large bowl of pasta, alright?), but I can see this being replicated with those red jeans I mention above. Bring on a not-so-casual-Friday soon!

Ahhh, this is from deep in the archives and only the skirt survives from this outfit. Destroyed the jacket and shoes through over-use; clothing swapped the shirt. I have a sensational marigold coloured knit top though, and I see a bit of bumblebee dressing could be just the ticket to surf through spring.