Boiler Suits Are Perfect For This Ridiculous Season

Boiler Suits Are Perfect For This Ridiculous Season

Over the course of this weekend, I have been comfortably dressed in both summer and winter clothes.  One 48 hour period, about 1400 temperature fluctuations.  I know it’s boring to talk about the weather but when it starts to impede on my ability to get dressed, it’s serious times. We must discuss this PRESSING issue!

As you will know if you follow my Instagram, I have felt like I am slowly sliding into even greater eccentricity with every passing springtime day.  Do I wear linen trousers? Or do I wear a faux fur coat? Or, I guess, both?? Do I wear my favourite sandals? Or do I wear knee high boots?  What is happening and why? WHY? It was therefore imperative that I figured out the ideal springtime outfit, immediately – and by Jove, I’ve done it.


The boiler suit has been an elusive dream of mine, which I spent literally years searching for and finally found, earlier this year, for $50 in Honour.  Fifty dollars!! Second hand, ridiculously cheap, the perfect size and just the right shade of green.  I felt that the Thrift Gods had smiled upon me; I was grateful.  This jumpsuit is from Weekday, and I love it so much that I immediately bought the long sleeve version in a beige colour, too.  You may view that as an over-reaction but again – I had spent years searching.  I was confident that I would wear these and keep them in my wardrobe for a long, long time.


What I didn’t realise is that the boiler suit is the perfect springtime attire.  It goes beyond a mere jumpsuit, and it absolutely crushes the possibilities presented by a dress.  While a jumpsuit may be too flimsy or thin for a sudden cold change in the weather, the boiler suit is heavier fabric, much better suited to keeping out those biting winds.  While a dress flaps ineffectually around your shins, the boiler suit was designed for action, allowing you to sit, stride and spring about (ahaha, sorry) with impunity.  Zip it up for maximum wind-blockage, then roll up the cuffs and open the front for a sudden warm change.  You can layer under it and over it, with practically anything, and at the end of the day when you’re covered in ice cream and hot chocolate from your day of a thousand seasons, you can throw it into the most basic of wash cycles, safe in the knowledge that it’s basically indestructible.


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “a boiler suit for all occasions is a little too ‘dystopian future where I wear a colour coded uniform’ for my liking, Megan”. I mean, I hear you. I recently tried to wear the same thing for a week and it was an unhappy time, so I’m not here to tell you to wear the same boiler suit every day. However, if you are looking at these photos and thinking “ooh a utilitarian onesie, tell me more about the possibilities here”, the good news is that a boiler suit is the basis of many, many excellent Looks.

 A boiler suit is sexy.  Undo that zip a little (or a lot), throw on some stilettos and some beautiful jewellery, and you are an absolute snack.  But a boiler suit is also practical.  Zip it back up, wear it with your favourite sneakers, and you are good to go for weekend sports or trips to the supermarket.  A boiler suit is fun.  Wear it with a pair of snakeskin sandals and a statement bangle and you are ready for a brunch outing or art viewing.  But a boiler suit can also be professional.  A pair of sensible pumps and a fine knit underneath and you’re ready for the office (well, I am.  Depending on your office, you may only get away with this on a Friday).  It’s the perfect balance – a blank canvas that is just enough of a statement on its own.  Plus, my long sleeve one has massive pockets on the legs which are great for hiding treats when you’re heading to the movies.


If you’re keen for a boiler suit, I do encourage you to keep an eye out for a second hand option first. I found the market very thin for a very long time, but boiler suits have been back in fashion in recent times which means, as sure as the sun will rise, that they will soon hit the second hand markets (most likely online first). I also really recommend these versions from Weekday (if you go down that route, please do keep in mind the carbon miles and consider offsetting your purchase). I bought my beige one on ASOS, and it’s from the Recycled Edition collection that Weekday offered for S/S19 (where every item is made from 100% recycled materials). It’s sold out on ASOS, but they have lots of other great styles to offer