Trend Watch: Checked Blazers

Trend Watch: Checked Blazers

We all know I'm a huge believer in the power of a blazer, using them to make outfits look 60% more professional (check out how I used one to wear sparkly pants to work, here).  Over the years I've collected blazers of all types - single breasted, double breasted, striped, metallic, white, red...and now it is the turn of the check. 

It feels weird to describe checks as a trend, because checked...things...are a classic.  I've definitely seen them pootling about in various collections consistently over the years.  However, it's fair to say that checks are enjoying a moment in the sun (literally, here in the Southern Hemisphere) and particularly Prince of Wales check. It's everywhere, I can't move for UK fashion bloggers and their check blazers. 

Apart from my Lonely coat, I've never been hugely excited by the thought of a checked blazer.  I don't particularly like Prince of Wales check, either, but what I have been keeping an eye out for is green.   Specifically, quite an emerald green, so that it will pop against other bright colours as well as denim and black. 


That' s how I came to be shoving this blazer into my backpack on my way back from Sydney last week.  It's a reasonably long cut, double breasted blazer, which means it hits all the targets for the trend towards more masculine and oversized cuts.  It's houndstooth with an overlaid windowpane check in green, which I love because it's punchy and frankly, pretty redolent of the 80s and 90s. 

Thanks to the flashbacks this gave me of women from my childhood, I had to choose my accessories carefully.  All my statement earrings made me look like I was working my way up to the boardroom in a man's world while using entire cans of Elnett hairspray and damn the environmental consequences!  I shan't be wearing this with any kind of nude tights, and while I wore it here with a flippy black skirt and some pointy pumps, I think it will look best in the office with tailored trousers.  This gal needs to be modernised (although I am dang tempted to wear it with my 501s for the full Princess Diana effect) so I kept it to a collection of delicate rings. 

If you're keen to get your hands on a check blazer (or coat, in one instance), I've rounded up a range of options below.  You can check out my blazer here