Colour Experiment: Lime and Burgundy

I told you it was a thing, and now here is the proof. 

These colour combinations, where your reaction can be summed up as “this is weird but I kinda like it why what is happening to me”, are front of my mind right now.  I’ve included some inspiration images from Pinterest below but let’s be honest – I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I think this is mostly a result of their uniforms.  Gimme some of that Engineering chartreuse, do you feel me.

The key here is not to look like you think you’re on your way to a Christmas party, so no forest green and no cherry red.  Instead, imagine you just poured a glass of red wine and prepped a bowl of green olives and you’re on the right track.  Oooh!  Or a glass of sangria with a slice of lime, surely the ideal inspiration for a sassy lewk.  Hmmm.  How many outfits can I base on meals.  Is this a blog feature in the making?


This outfit is, at its heart, pretty basic.  It’s a blouse, a simple skirt and a pair of kitten heels – items that wouldn’t have looked too out of place at any point in the past 70 years of fashion history.  It’s a good reminder that really, things don’t change terribly much in the centre of fashion.  It’s around the edges that things get trendy and weird.  In this outfit, the classics have suffered various levels of updates – the shirt has gotten off lightly, but this lime green skirt is pretty “2019”.  It’s okay. My wardrobe will never be completely classic!


I’ve also used a handy-dandy styling trick to try and bring some cohesion to this look.  I stood in my bedroom, weighing up my shoe options, and then realised the best and only option was these frankly fabulous little slingbacks.  However, stripes plus green plus polka dots…something needed to bring that together and that something was MORE CIRCLES. This inspired my necklace (also the perfect shade of green to line up with the skirt) and then it was just a matter of sliding on this ceramic bangle that I picked up from The Makers here in Wellington – hey presto.  Circles as far as the eye can see.


The smarty-pants amongst you will be looking at the photos above, and the photos of me, and thinking “why is the green on your bottom half and not on your top half like it is on those pretty ladies?” The answer is – there is a limited spectrum of green that I look good in, and so I’ve flipped the look.  The green can stay away from my face, where it would make me look kind of sick, and stay on my bottom half, because nobody really cares if my shins look washed out.  And they do – just look at them.  That’s the tan I have at the end of summer! The END of summer how am I so pale and how pale will I be in June? However, had I wanted to wear this shade of lime green near my face I would have just gone for it on the blush and bronzer front.  What do we do (when it comes to fashion)? We do what we want. 


Interestingly, lime and burgundy are this close to being complementary colours, so I’m not sure why I think they are clashing – although I also remember my post on lilac and red, which I like as a combo but which colour theory says is a no-no.  I suspect it’s one of those situations where I haven’t seen this colour combination in frequent use, so despite its natural balance it looks fresh.  No doubt in a few months I will be so used to looking  at this colour combination that it will no longer feel quite so jazz-tastic to me.  Who knows what will come next?