Colour Matching Experiments: Lilac

Colour Matching Experiments: Lilac

Lilac (or lavender, depending on your vibe) is a big colour this year and after years in the wilderness without a good purple option, I’m excited.  I owned one purple item prior to August 2018 (my admittedly fabulous ginormous purple jumper from WORLD) but since, as we know, I have been finding the proliferation of pink to be super boring, it was great news to see a new pastel in town.  My only question was: how do I wear you, my delicate friend?


To the internet! Which said “you can’t beat grey as the perfect match for lilac”, so I guess we can all breathe easy because the internet definitely isn’t watching me through my camera lens.  I acknowledge that grey + lilac would be an aesthetically pleasing match, but it wouldn’t be a Megan-pleasing match, and since I’m wearing it I better like it.  There were also all these colour palette images, where someone has taken a photo of a flower and then broken out its component colours alongside it.  These are incredibly appealing to look at, but they’re all boring English garden flowers, and I was feeling a little more “weird tropical number” than that.


In the end, I decided what colour to wear with lilac the way I decide how to wear most of my clothes – by holding the tshirt up against the row of trousers in my wardrobe and then picking the one I thought looked good (I am professional and/or a fashion scientist).  I thought red looked good, which (according to our mate the colour wheel), is wrong.  The colour wheel says we should use two colours opposite each other, but here I am living my rebel life wearing two colours that are just about next to each other.  That’s called “analogous colours”, and is considered jarring. 


I dunno, you guys, I think that lilac and red look great together, which I guess is the thing that matters.  I do sometimes wonder if the things I’m wearing look mad or terrible to other people – because it’s so subjective, isn’t it.  I’m aware that because I spend a reasonable amount of time looking at Gucci (for example), that I probably have a heightened tolerance for clashing or “jarring” colours and shapes.  My Mum taught me her philosophy, that you should make some degree of effort in dressing up because (a) you’ll feel better and (b) it’s respectful to the other people living in the world with you.  I’m hoping everyone will give me a pass on the days when I look like I’m in a one woman show called Clowning Around because at least I’m trying.


Having had reference to the colour wheel, I can see that lilac is a good pairing with yellow, which is perfect for all of us since yellow is also easy to lay your hands on now.  I have my beloved yellow pants that have seen me right for several years now, so I guess I’ll be bringing that combo to the streets of Wellington soon.   [An editor’s note to clarify: I’m not wearing my tshirts knotted at the waist for work, only for #fashion on the blog.  These tshirts are great just tucked into a pair of pants, which is how I’d wear it for real life.]