An Ode to buying Things that aren’t boring

An Ode to buying Things that aren’t boring

In last week’s blogpost I told you all about the outfit I wore where I realised halfway through the day that I looked like a clown. This is not that outfit (which I hope is obvious, jaysus) but the point I was making there was that buying things that are a bit out there is a fave move of mine.  Doesn’t always come together well.  But I’m here to explain.

Obviously, as evidenced by the fact one of the solicitors in my team is convinced she’s never seen me wear the same outfit twice, I own a lot of clothes.  I used to be amazing at the ruthless cull but as I’ve gotten older and started buying more expensive things, and refined what I like, I’ve become truthfully quite terrible at getting rid of things. I confess that earlier this evening I took 30 tops out of my wardrobe to try and cut it down by 5, and ended up giving up and putting the whole lot back (very tidily).  There’s a whole other blog post in this.

When you have an unnecessarily extensive wardrobe, you no longer buy black long sleeve tshirts and sensible black work pants – you buy lunatic shirts with large bunnies printed down the front panels, or black and white check pants, or dresses from World that have a huge harlequin style frill around the front and down into a deep plunge at the back.  No more sensible shoes – only satin pumps with a fairly vertiginous heel and a massive bow on the top, for work wear.  All of this is supported by my attempts to buy my clothes either second hand (where lunatic adventures come from) or from NZ designers for $eriou$ money (so you’re not going to buy anything that doesn’t make you feel extremely excited).

Par example, when I reflect on the jumpers I’ve bought this winter, this massive knitted and woven effort from Cooper is the most conservative one I’ve picked.  The others include a bright purple jumper with a GINORMOUS cowl/off the shoulder neck situation, and a bright yellow skinny knit with tear shaped weaving over the breasts.  I am slowly becoming one of those lovely but eccentrically dressed older ladies from Advanced Style, and frankly I need to get a wriggle on because “slowly” is the only problem with that sentence.

Is my wardrobe classic?  Erm, in places.  I do own a cream silk shirt that ties at the neck and a lovely black skirt that falls to the knee.  I could definitely dress up as a waiter at a posh party, if required.  What’s interesting though is that those items don’t get anywhere near as much wear as purple jumpers with ginormous necklines – when I do wear a plain black skirt it’s usually as a foil for some other madness.  You know why? Because I like to give people a visual warning about my sparkling personality. 

Just kidding! It’s because so much of adult life is pretty boring.  I’m not Mary Poppins, I am not “making vacuuming into a game!!!!” like a crazy person.  I accept that doing laundry, going to the supermarket, filling in expense forms, and doing ironing are all a necessary part of life, but I do not wake up of a morning with a song in my heart – “it’s better than Christmas! I get to take my car for a WOF today!”.  Dressing up in something fun to do the tedious work of life is sometimes what you need to give you a bit of a nudge – see also, Dressing For the Mood You Want.

As I’ve said many times, those articles that are titled “10 items every woman needs in her wardrobe” fill me with a very real frustration.  But I guess I’d say this – fair enough, buy a plain black wool skirt and a white shirt and whatever other dull dullness is on that list, but only so that you can then start the true joy of experimenting with things you find a bit unusual.

Shoes: Wittner shoes.  Should not have gone on that website because these, these and these are heart-face-emoji.   Jumper: Cooper on sale (what what!).  Pants are from Uniqlo about a year ago, sorry about me.  Earrings from Lovisa, these were still in stock last weekend!