Fashion Month brings us idealised winter options

Fashion Month brings us idealised winter options

Ahhhhh, fashion “week”, which is in fact at least four weeks, and so we call it Fashion Month over here on Mode & Methodology.

We’re incredibly fortunate down here in the antipodes, because as winter clothes are being shown in New York, London, Milan and Paris…we’re finishing up summer! Way better than those poor ladies up north who look at fabulous coats and then segue into wearing summer frocks - so nonsensical. Poor them and their sunny weather. Right?

It does mean we can’t buy anything we see on the runway, but as I am not in the market for fancy fash at this level, my heart isn’t exactly broken. There’s definitely some trends coming through this year that continue the work of previous seasons, and even the little bit of winter gear that’s available so far is showing some major alignment with what I spotted on the runway. Below are my scrapbook pages of looks I loved (from here), but in a nutshell:


  • Suits are still big time, with every iteration you could possibly imagine, and a general love of coordinated separates

  • I think the clothes still look really “big”. There’s some subtlety but we’re definitely still living in the tail end of a Gucci World (although, interestingly, this season I looked at the entire Gucci runway and went: ”meh”. I’m sure Alessandro is devastated by this review, not)

  • Lots of shine and sheen. Now, this is partly because the wool used to make a $10,000 coat is top-notch, but I mean lots of jacquard, satin, silk, velvet etc. It’s VERY luxe and I am on board.

  • To that note, vinyl/patent leather still crops up again and again.

  • The colours are so interesting. Lots of weird colour combinations, lots of sort of dirty, slurryish colours…I loved it. Lots of inspiration to play with here in terms of contrasting and combining. Some beautiful bitter chocolates, which remind me of some of the pieces I saw in at Gregory today.

  • Top handle bags are definitely still a thing.

  • If you own a trench coat, or any kind of 70s inspired coat, you are onto a winner already.

Enjoy! If you like what you see, check out more images on Vogue and see if you can find a few looks to inspire you to mix up your wardrobe (I already have, as you’ll see below)!