Five Outfit Recipes for Autumn

featuring Extremely Photogenic Corner (TM).’

After my post about fashion month, a few people reached out and were like “cool cool, but how does one wear these outfits in real life. LIke - what ARE they?”. I live to serve, so I created five looks inspired by my favourite looks of fashion month. Read on for the break down - the outfit recipe - for each. I think what you will quickly realise is that these are so easy, it’s almost like blatantly copying ideas from professional stylists is the easiest way to come up with fancy outfit ideas *ponders*

All in One (Colour)


Look after look on the runway was this cheaty little situation - full, head to toe, one colour madness. Like, it’s so easy I feel like I shouldn’t be writing about it. But here we are…

The key is to pick a colour that legitimately flatters you. I, after a casual 36 years on this planet, have realised I look quite nice in this rosey/terracotta scenario and have accordingly gone on a bender buying it.

To break it up and make it a little less Milan and a little more Wellington, mix prints and textures (always. Just always do this in every outfit). I went with this soft silk shirt against slightly coarse, rigid linen trousers and then very fancy shoes indeed. Then I unleashed these crazy earrings because they always feel very “fabulous Italian glamourpuss lady” to me.

Unexpected Twists


As soon as I saw this on the runway, I was ready to steal the heck out of it. Roll up your sleeves over other sleeves? YES.

This is serious styling genius, because it achieves the entire point of styling in two seconds - fancy flair. You could do this with jeans, with any skirt,and it would still look rad - it will always look like you are doing something and make your outfit look more planned.

In this case, I pulled out this shirt I shamefully haven’t worn in months. From there it was simple to find a jumper that would show the rad ruffle neckline and match the stripes in the shirt. Instead of a kilt, I went for major pleats to pick up the “let’s go to my estate in the country for the weekend” vibe that was rife in pre-Brexit-being-real London. Could I shoot a brace of something in this lewk? No, clearly these shoes would be a disaster, but damn if I couldn’t drink cocktails in it or plan a simply delicious lunch menu.

Maximum Belt


Belts, highly underrated in our current age, beloved by me. If I see another one of those effing Gucci belts I will lose it, but other than that I am an equal belt-ortunity kinda lady. I still remember the glory days of the early 2000s when it was wide hip belts for all, and my male colleagues were like “but what is the point. It’s not even holding anything up”. Get ready to be confused again, men of finance, for here it comes: the big belt aesthetic of Autumn 2019.

The key to this look is (a) sufficient belt width (honestly, this is a bit anaemic but it’s the best I had) and (b) a big slouchy jumper with no bad at the bottom. There’s not much more to it than that - just…put the belt on? I went with leather trousers since there was so much of it on the runways, and put a brooch on because why not. Is there anything more autumnal than a brooch pinned to a jumper?

I call this one “Aggressively Popsicle”


Who said berry tones were the look of autumn? I’m doing tropical fruit in the most direct rip off I could possibly achieve. The thing I like best about this bit of outfit plagiarism is that it’s firmly pink below the waist and yellow upwards - even my shoes and earrings fit the bill (okay, I accept the lipstick isn’t quite abiding by the rule).

This is one of the things I loved from the runway this year, although it's been a vibe for a few years now. Lots of high contrast colours, in combinations that might not automatically spring to mind, are the go and frankly a welcome relief after years of grey and millennial pink.

You may be looking at this with trepidation (or a headache, fair enough). I’m stoked to tell you that you cannot mess this up. Take your inspiration from a bowl of tropical fruit - or a bowl of candy, a rainbow, a sunset, or those roses that nice older ladies breed competitively - and smash out a bunch of intense combos. Satin pants bring in the shiny shiny elements we saw on the runway, and you should wear them now before it gets too chilly.

A Fling with Plaid


We’ve already canvassed my love of the plaid trend on the blog, so let’s not harp on about it again. What’s happening here is so much more than plaid. I’ve tucked in my blazer, you guys. That’s right - this velvet blazer is now a very fancy, very warm top. I am legitimately a genius. This is my legacy.

You do need a full skirt to hide the bulk of the jacket, obviously. Otherwise, just tuck any jacket into any massive skirt you might own.

This came about because my inspiration image featured a brocade top with a full skirt. I don’t own a brocade top, but the idea of velvet (I believe one of my comments was “someone take me to the opera”) was a good proxy for the same effect. Chuck a quick camisole under the blazer and you’re good to go for work, and stick to a deep V for a night on the town. Maybe pack a scarf.

So there you go - five outfits I’m going to wear this autumn, courtesy of the runways. Anyone else ready to dress like a popsicle?