Holiday Buys

Holiday Buys

As you know, I went on a fun, unplanned road trip around New Zealand earlier this month.  What you don't know, is that I used this as an opportunity to visit the many side roads and second hand shops of New Zealand.  My logic is: I spent practically nothing on transport and accommodation (one night I stayed in an ex-retirement home and it was very much weird and excellent).  Totally justified buying some fun and arguably ridiculous stuff for the summer wardrobe rotation!


First up, this retro peachy-yellow number featuring what I'm going to describe as a train.  I'm not totally sure how I will wear this - I think a massive frill over the butt is going to be a lot of look for work, but I'm not sure I can make it casual - maybe parties only?  TBD.  The important thing is the opportunity to wear a peachy-yellow ruffle on my butt now exists.  Worth the five bucks I spent. 


I popped into Sylvia Park* to try and find a replacement camera remote and while I was there, I figured I'd see how Zara was going.  The answer is: way better than Topshop, but I still only found one thing I really, really wanted.  This delightful red gingham number is the answer to my summer weekend prayers - with this wee tshirt, and a pair of tan slides, it's ready to go.  Plus, it unbuttons from the bottom, allowing (a) ease of strolling and (b) ease of leg tanning. 

* Not my favourite.  I found it confusing.  Also how can there be so many shops in one building?


This tshirt reminds me of something my Nana would have worn when I was a child, so: sold.  I might wear it knotted at the waist with this skirt as pictured; I might wear it with high-waisted denim shorts and a pair of sandals.  I might wear it with my yellow trousers to bring out the colour of the cord; I will definitely wear it if I get invited to go for a ride on a yacht.  


Say hello to my Christmas day dress!  This red vintage number is all the 70s cocktail functions rolled into one, and I can definitely imagine myself with my hair set in a Farrah flick and a glass of questionable wine in my hand.  I'm currently considering hemming this to the knee and having the neckline adjusted to make it less plunging, so I can wear it for work, and general fancy times.  I don't know what's going on in Whanganui, but I do know that I bought several great bits of vintage in that town, and I will be back for more.  Also I had great coffee and I really enjoy the elevator inside the hill. 


Finally, this coat (thanks again Whanganui).  As we know, I love the red coat from Kate Sylvester, but it's many hundreds of dollars.  However, between that coat and various shots of Aimee Song from Song of Style wearing cool, 70s style belted coats at fashion week, I was very much in the market for a vintage option.  Enter this coat into my life.  It's some kind of synthetic, velvety fabric, rather than leather or suede (which = hard-wearing, I hope).  It's also in super good condition, so now I've managed to satisfy my coat urge AND maintain liquidity in the Frivolous Things account.  Success!