Inspired by Mrs Rockett

I am on the record as saying I can’t, nay, won’t participate in Twitter because “it’s too many words”.  When a classic lawyer type, who loves words and talking and have I mentioned words doesn’t want to be in a community that’s all about chatting to each other, you know it’s a crap fest.  What I DO love, however, is Instagram.  So long as you use your sophisticated human brain to remember that Instagram is like a fashion magazine – carefully selected words and images, not a reflection of actual hard out reality – it’s a great little online spot for those of us who like to drink deep from the well of visual inspiration.  And that’s where I came across Mrs Rockett.


Zoe Rockett (fabulous last name for a jewellery designer, yes?) is an Architecture grad, so I guarantee she’s a hard worker.  She makes beautiful earrings from her home in Island Bay, and says “I really value injected meaning into the creative objects I produce…I love our beautiful little country New Zealand and I get inspired by the lines of the landscapes every day (I think this comes with the trade of being in architecture). My jewellery is based off those lines in the landscapes and topography of New Zealand.”


As we know, I like my fashion inspiration from a variety of sources (including, one time, some tape on a building site), so it makes total sense that someone is inspired by New Zealand’s beautiful spaces in making jewellery.  I listened to an interview with Lucinda Chambers on the Business of Fashion podcast earlier today, and she referred to herself as having a “ragbag mind”, meaning that it’s full of odds and ends.  That’s me, when it comes to fashion inspiration.  It all goes in and then something comes out, often quite a long time later.  It’s why part of my ongoing career advice to all and sundry is be interested.  Obviously Zoe subscribes to this “look around for inspo” philosophy too.


However, sometimes it comes out quite quickly, often as a result of weird coincidences in timing.  Just last week I wrote about florals and then this week I found myself at Te Papa listening to a particularly enjoyable lecture – on the use of florals in fashion (more on that later in the week).  Zoe follows me on Instagram too, and figured out the fairly obvious: I like statement earrings, I like bright colours, I like shiny things.  And so, when she rolled out these AMAZINGLY GLITTERY versions of her designs, she was a sweetheart and reached out to see if I’d like to trial a pair. 

Girl, yes.  Cue instant inspiration.


First of all, I stared at them for a while.  They are hypnotisingly shimmery thanks to the beautiful sparkle trapped inside the plastic (so no shedding! Hooray!).  Of course, they’re light as a feather, which is great news…I’ve misjudged before and ended up with fabulous earrings that are so heavy they smack you in the head from the momentum they gather as you walk.  But mostly, they gave me a massive rev up, jolting me out of my winter slump of “ehhhhh” and bringing together this little combo of colours and prints.  Big question though.  Is:

  • a blousy printed silk top with
  • wide legged vintage trousers in turquoise plus
  • silver shoes with a  heel so high I can barely walk and
  • glittery statement earrings

too much?  Or is it just enough?  Y’all know we’re into second winter here in Wellington, but I’m ready to pretend it’s Spring for real, and I can think of no better way to do that than to pile on the excitement in my wardrobe.  Starting with glitter – why not!


The earrings I'm wearing are the Wither Hill Hoops, and I am hella excited to wear them in my favourite combo with orange, very very soon.