Interviewing Outfit

Interviewing Outfit

I’m interviewing for two new members of my team at the moment.  Nothing focusses the mind on what I wear to work like the knowledge that some poor second year lawyer will have to sit across the table from me and stare at stupid face-shaped earrings while they struggle with the question “what will you focus on in the first month in this job?”.  Well, I dressed down for a few interviews but the heart wants what the heart wants – a statement sleeve. 


A while ago I featured this shirt on the blog with an ochre skirt and a pair of huge gold heart earrings from Ruby.  In that post I wrote about how I could see a bunch of possible outfits in this shirt, and here we are, with post number two.  Purple pants and silver shoes – why not?!  The white and black in this shirt are true neutral; I mean, there’s no yellow or blue undertones.  That means I can wear it with cool tones and warm tones.  Since I like to play it pretty fast and loose with colour analysis (I have warm toned skin but also a total unwillingness to rule out particular colours), a top like this is perfect.  Now I can wear all those pants that don’t have matching tops!  White shirts are also a great solution for this.


This bow is built into the shirt, but I really like it here to cinch in the waist of the shirt.  Without this belt element, it would be more overwhelming than it is with the bow on the front.  Now, I know it seems like a huge bow should add to the overwhelmingness, but in fact without it the shirt is so square and long that it drowns me.  There’s probably a lesson for life in this somewhere – a small detail can make all the difference to a massive box of stripes? Clearly I need to work on my inspirational Instagram quote game.


Speaking of shape, this particular shirt feels like it has a bit more fabric in the back than in the front, which I think is a product of having the belt fastened at the two side seams.  That means that when I wrap the belt around myself, going back and around again to the front, I force some of the fabric backwards and end up with a bit of a bustle effect in the back.  Personally, I’m never angry about a bustle over my butt, and it’s particularly handy here as these pants contain wool.  After a long day of lady-lawyering/sitting around in them they do tend to get a bit roomy in the seat.  I’m too young to rock a bingo butt, so if I can hide it with a stripy shirttail, I will.


I went for a super easy approach to accessorising here – silver everything.  Silver shoes.  Silver earrings (with crystals and pearls for excitement).  Even the lens in my sunglasses are somewhere between silver and lilac.  Personally, I like a bit of matchy-matchyness from time to time, and in an outfit like this where there’s a fair bit going on, having consistency somewhere is a good balance.  It helps the shirt to be the hero item, even though it should be competing with purple pants and silver shoes (and mirrored sunglasses and chunky earrings!).


Finally, while I will wear this to interview a potential candidate this week, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to be interviewed.  I am all about showing your personality via clothes, but in an interview you are making the Ultimate First Impression.  Unless you have some inside information, you probably don’t have that much of an idea of what the dress code is at your possible new office.  Better to play it a bit safer so your interviewer isn’t distracted (although, I wore a patterned, jacquard shift dress with a dropped waistline to interview for my current job, so y’know, it’s relative).  You can bust out a bit more Fashion when you’ve been there a week or two!

Here are the same shirts I linked to in my previous post: gingham and plain.  The trousers are Trelise Cooper via TradeMe - try these or these!  Sunglasses are Le Specs.  Earrings are from Witchery and shoes are Gianvito Rossi via NZ Sale - try these