Latest Best Stuff

Latest Best Stuff

I wrote a post way back in September called "Can't Stop Won't Stop: Current Favourites". I feel like one favourites post every four months is acceptable, right?  So here we are again, finding out that I've been fickle in my affections and rostered on a whole new set of faves.  All I can say is - writing this post really revealed how much I lean into the "Christmas presents for yourself" concept. 


It took me over a year to finally buy these earrings from Magnolia Trading Company.  I visited them repeatedly, in store and on the Nach Bijoux website.  I *heart eye emoji*'d at them but thought - are pink parakeet earrings that wearable?  (No).  In the end, I decided to just pony up the ducats and buy the dang things.  They're porcelain on a gold wire hoop and they are the pride of my life.  Also, surprisingly wearable. I wore them to my work Christmas party with my gingham skirt (we were in a bird sanctuary.  I looked DOPE).  


My vintage Dad-style Aloha shirt.  This was find in a Savemart outing a year or two ago, and is proof that you should always check the men's shirt rail.  Yes, there will be a bunch of woeful blousy shirts from the 80s and 90s that remind you of your high school science teachers, but there will also be occasional gems like this.  My thanks go out to the man we'll call Bruce, who wore this in for me and washed it billions of time, making it super soft and comfy.  

Keep an eye out next week for a post featuring this guy, or enjoy this pic of me repping full Dad style at a cat cafe. 


So many faves in one photo.  I keep a collection of bowls on my dining table which occasionally have fresh fruit in them, but look delightful even empty.  However, the intended star of this show is the apple and pear bowls I bought from Vessel in Wellington. I LOVE THEM, and if my Mum is reading this - these are even better than those wooden fruits I wanted from that secondhand shop that got sold before you got to them.  These ones are super practical bowls for keeping my rings in, and allow me to be a weirdo who separates her rings by metal. 


My face.  Why is it like this? And by "this" I mean prone to being dry and annoying.  I no longer remember how I came to be trying Kiehl's products, but the love affair is hella strong (we're in cleanser/toner/serum/oils/moisturiser territory now) (and yes, I had to build this expenditure into my annual budget because the first time I ordered the serum I broke out into a cold sweat).  These two guys are my favourites from the many products I've tried, particularly the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  Very strongly recommend trying this, and since Kiehl's makes a tiny sample size version (so adorable and small) Aucklanders might even try boosting down to Britomart and requesting a sample to try before you pony up the big bucks for it.  Everyone else - Smith and Caughey's is your best bet. 


This necklace.  Everything about it.  I thank Lucy for introducing me to Tatty Devine, but also I don't thank her, because now I have a tradition of buying something from Tatty Devine every year at Christmas.  This necklace gets great reviews, by which I mean I get heaps of compliments on it when I wear it (shout out to the woman at Black Sparrow who nearly fell over because she was checking it out so hard), and because it is multi-coloured I can pair it up with a billion things.

(Huh, I just realised Lucy owns the paintbrush necklace and I own the paint swirl necklace.  This is an Instagram post waiting to happen.)


Did I pause at putting a picture of my bras on the internet? Yes. But then I remembered there are a lot of bras in the world and if we're still finding them titillating, we need to get out more. 

Also, I think good bras are surprisingly hard to find, considering how much the effing things cost.  So - shout out to these Pleasure State bras, which retail for $75 (ARE YOU JOKING) but which I bought at the Bendon Outlet in Tirau as part of a "5 bra and 4 pants" splurge that cost me a total of $120.  TOTAL. So really, my favourite is the Bendon Outlet.  These bras though, are so good.  Note they are identical.  Please also note my boyish frame, so my understanding of what makes a good bra may differ to yours - either way, get ye to a Bendon Outlet, stat. 


To know me is to know my love of the Fluffy Bluff, and after much prevarication (and many website visits - Michelle, if your website showed a random spike in activity, 'twas me, going "Navy? Burgundy. Burgundy? Navy" for two months) I decided to add to the Nice Bags Initiative and buy a Peregrine cross body from Pedro's Bluff, instead of a Deadly Ponies bag I had been thinking about as a reward for something I aced last year.  Look at that tiny joker penguin! How can you not love him. 

And finally, the only thing in this post that didn't cost me any money - this truly excellent music vid.  It wouldn't be a favourites round up without one.  So much to love (it's had 957 million views as I write this - yes, nearly a billion), but specifically:

  • I love the sisterhood in this.  I want someone to put my chapstick on and brush my hair for me. 
  • All of the outfits.  That shirt she wears at the start, dang it's great.  It's also a casual USD1,045 soooooo...nope. 
  • All of the sunglasses. 
  • The bit where she pulls back the curtain and they are in the poolside cabana.
  • Everything that happens after that bit.  This is a masterclass in power strut. 
  • The excellent bob on the girl in the last section.  Note to self: explore wigs. 
  • Look at her learning and growing and helping her friend. Nice work.  The bit in a circle at the end makes me wish I was 20 and in a tight girl gang again.