I Asked My Friend to Buy My Outfit: Date Edition

I Asked My Friend to Buy My Outfit: Date Edition

You guys LOVED the blog post where I got A to choose an outfit for me (here, for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, and can we talk about how tan I was), so I asked my friend K to do the same thing.  Then I promptly hit a winter slump and so I’d like to apologise to K for taking literally months to get this blog post up.


K is happily married and really believes in me and my ability to meet a nice man and go on nice dates and generally, have a lovely time.  We’d also recently had a conversation about whether I should wear skinny jeans or a miniskirt and tights on a date, so she used her opportunity to dress me up for a date.   The problem with dating in your mid 30s is not that all the good men are married – trust me, they are not and also some of the married men are not that great – it’s trying to find an outfit that looks good but is also not too much.  Like, hi, I look nice but not like I’ve spent hours working on this look.  I like to save the Looks until at least date two, by which time they usually have asked me what I like to do outside work and I’ve confessed I have a *personal style blog* (puke).

It’s also freezing.  It’s hard to be traditionally alluring when you have covered every inch of your pasty winter body in a thick, thick layer of sheep fur (from ear lobe to toes!) and are wearing a coat that looks like it would have been popular with a male stockbroker in 1986.  What I’m saying is, I thought K had her work cut out for her but I fully supported her attempt, in part because I actually really needed an objective third party to dress me.


You’ll recall that the rules are that I’m not allowed to help, except by trying things on.  I have so far totally failed at this – my opinions always seep in, especially since I can’t stop myself from checking out the shoes and therefore give away what I like.  I do think I did better this time than I did with A, and since I plan to make at least one more person play this game with me, there’s still time to get better.  K had read the post about A’s attempt so knew the way forward was to start with shoes and then work on the rest of the look. 

In a surprise twist, K also decided to avoid picking a dress.  She likes a challenge, that lady.  Plus she was on Team Skinny Jeans and I think she wanted to prove a point. 


So what do I think of this outfit?  Actually – I loved it.  You can see I brought some Megan to the look with a pair of statement earrings, but the look is cohesive, comfortable and perfect for a coffee date one weekend.  Also please note that you can do a high kick in these leggings, which is good just in case you have to literally kick your date to the kerb.   Unfortunately, these leggings are too big for me in the waist so I couldn’t wear them out for real (saggy butt, it was a national emergency) but I do own other black leggings so I can replicate the look in my own time. I would like to take this moment to remind us all that not all leggings are athleisure, and this is a good example of how a pair of leggings can give you some good proportions in an outfit.

The jumper is the major success from my perspective.  It’s cotton, and I wore it later this same day tucked into a pair of 501s with some sneakers and it was a great slouchy but slinky option.  I also love the neckline.  Definitely living in my wardrobe for a while, and actually, perfect for spring weather!  I also like this jacket but as a person with an absolute excess of jackets, it remains to be seen how often I wear this.   The blue boots added a nice pop of colour and tied the whole outfit together really well (and we all know I love blue elements in my wardrobe).  I plan to wear these again, but with my peach coloured Kowtow corduroys.


This entire outfit came in under $50, which feels like a reasonable investment in your love life.  I also note this is a perfect outfit for pretty much any kind of hangs, so if you’re more likely to be hanging with a kid this weekend than an eligible match (*points at self*) then you’re set for playgrounds, zoos and general running around.  If you’re headed to your best mate’s place for dinner, you are good to go with this stretchy waistband.  Live your best life, you guys.